The Sky Today, May 11, 2023

At 2:01 a.m.: The moon is inconjunct Venus

In the pre-dawn hours, the moon forms a quincunx to Venus in Cancer, stimulating confusion. Under the Aquarius moon, we require space and freedom. Subsequently, we tend to show respect for others by giving them equal breathing room.  However, Venus in Cancer lives to nurture. During this devotional transit, we want our loved ones to know they are safe and protected in our company. Because we are experiencing both of these emotional sensations simultaneously, conflict arises.  Awkwardness can exacerbate tension in relationships that aren’t on a secure footing. People may be totally confused as to whether we care about them or not! Unfortunately, the more we lean into one planetary expression, the more we feel inauthentic in the other. Fortunately, this transit will pass quickly. We may wish to delay social calls, especially those with family, until we feel more settled. 

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At 5:45 a.m.: The moon is square Mercury

Around dawn, the moon squares off with Mercury in Taurus, perpetuating communication difficulties. We’re already in a bit of a mood, and because we are unable to reconcile our feelings, we risk projecting our issues onto others. Our motto: “It’s not us, it’s them!”  Watch out for negative thought loops! Mercury retrograde dooms us to put our foot in our mouth today. The best way to avoid saying something regrettable is to hold your tongue entirely. Even if your opinion is politely asked for, tread carefully.  There’s a good chance our statements will be misconstrued, and our words being taken out of context. As this aspect perfects and begins to wane, it will become easier for us to delineate feelings from facts. Wait until later in the day to have important discussions or make critical decisions.   

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