The Sky Today, January 20, 2024

At 05:46 AM: The sun is conjunct Pluto

In the morning, the sun and Pluto make their final alignment in Capricorn for the rest of our lifetime! These two will not meet again in the sign of the sea goat for more than two hundred years! This transit puts us in an investigative, somewhat hypervigilant headspace. We may feel strong and empowered, but we can also be inclined to fear the worst. We risk succumbing to paranoid projections if we are not careful. The same impetus that would inspire us to give in to fear can also find us embroiled in futile power struggles. Although today’s events might be challenging to navigate, painful endings will precede healing and improved self-confidence. Revelations and discoveries, once reconciled, will be instrumental to our evolution.

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At 05:57 AM: The moon is trine the sun and the moon void of course begins

Following this, the Taurus moon trines the Capricorn sun, helping us to emotionally self-regulate. Today’s cosmic weather is truly wild. We need all the help we can get to achieve stability amid sweeping change. Unfortunately, we won’t get too much of a respite, as the moon enters a void of course following this aspect that will last only one minute! It seems like the universe has a sense of humor. 

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