The Sky Today, February 4, 2024

At 11:10 a.m.: The moon is square Saturn

In the morning, the Sagittarius moon squares Saturn in Pisces, bursting optimistic bubbles. Physical or emotional distance from loved ones can cause us to feel depressed or demoralized. Canceled plans may be the culprit for disappointment. Perhaps we have made a promise in a moment of enthusiasm that has become challenging to keep. The reality of outstanding work commitments piles on stress. Before we can rejoin our friends or family, there is work to be done. Putting our heads down and seeing obligations through will be the quickest way to get over this bummer hump. 

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At 9:10 p.m.: Mercury enters Aquarius

After nightfall, Mercury enters enigmatic Aquarius. During Mercury’s stint in Capricorn over the past three weeks, our communication style was no-nonsense. Discussions were blunt and matter-of-fact. Cutting through the fluff allowed us to make our point more efficiently. Yet, as our messenger planet enters the sign of the water bearer, we trade logic for out-of-the-box thinking. The way we conceive ideas might seem erratic to others, but ultimately, we still tend to arrive at reasonable conclusions. This is a time of forward-thinking conversations, innovative projects, and original ideas. Friends we make during this transit will challenge us to live up to our potential in new ways. Creative ventures can break the mold or shatter glass ceilings. Record brainstorming sessions, bizarre encounters, and strange dreams, no matter how zany they are. Odd exchanges or insights are bound to be fodder for visionary future initiatives. Mercury will transit Aquarius until February 22.

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