The Sky Today, December 8, 2021

·1 min read

At 7:57 a.m.: The moon is sextile the sun

After sun-up, the Aquarius moon creates a sextile to the Sagittarius sun, an aspect of harmony and equilibrium. Our intention this morning is to foster progress in our lives and in our relationships. However, the sextile inspires us to go about this in an organic way: we will not need to seek out experiences to satisfy this impulse. Maintaining Aquarian emotional temperance stills the overzealous nature of the Sagittarius sun, enabling us to get along well with others, even when espousing our weirder ideas or out-there beliefs. In fact, we attract company with a greater-than-usual similarity of thinking. We might use this occasion to plan a trip, project, or community event, drawing on the strengths and connections of those in our friend group. Innovation is our friend and luck is on our side.

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At 6:07 p.m.: The moon is sextile Mercury

In the evening, the moon sextiles Mercury in Sagittarius, making us solution-oriented. Bright ideas garnered in conversation enlighten us to new methods of tackling problems. While easy-going chats with friends or acquaintances are favored, this is also a good time to seek out counseling, as we have a clearer idea not only of where we are, but of where we wish to be. With guidance and feedback, we are in a better position to make real progress towards our objectives. Similarly, we may be sought out for advice, as our perspective instills others with the faith that they too can handle important life decisions.

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