The Sky Today, August 7, 2021

At 12:31 a.m.: The moon enters Leo, and the moon void of course ends

After midnight, the moon enters Leo, ending its void of course that began yesterday afternoon. Many of us will be asleep when the moon makes its ingress, so we are unlikely to notice this shift. But over the next two days, we are promised to be less apprehensive about expressing our feelings. Under the Leo moon, we become attention-seekers, and our need for praise could stir up a bit of drama. If instead, we pour our energy into our passions or the relationships which bring us joy, we could avoid making a spectacle of ourselves…but do we really want to?

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At 6:50 p.m.: The moon is opposite Saturn

In the evening, the Leo moon opposes Saturn in Aquarius, causing us to feel left out of the fun. We might feel slighted by friends—perhaps we’ve failed to receive a coveted invitation. Alternatively, we may want to be social and carefree now, but work has piled up responsibilities on us that must be attended to. At worst, we could try to deflect, either blaming others for a situation that is wholly on us, or angling to avoid our responsibilities, with stressful consequences. Right now, It’s better to shrug off the FOMO and commit to getting whatever needs doing done. There will always be future opportunities to play, and you’ll thank yourself tomorrow morning for not prolonging today’s stressors.

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