The Sky Today, August 11, 2022

·2 min read

At 5:17 a.m.: Ceres is trine Jupiter

Around dawn, Ceres in Leo trines Jupiter in Aries, helping us to nourish and nurture ourselves. While Ceres transits Leo, we’re preoccupied with sustaining our inner child, the part of us that seeks pleasure and play. Ceres’ contact with lucky Jupiter augments how we choose to put ourselves on display.  In today’s interactions, there is enough attention to go around. We never feel left in the lurch or invalidated. We are secure in being vulnerable, so much so that we become able to give back to others in kind.  This is a day for connecting with friends and loved ones and cheering on their ambitions. We may be able to resource others spiritually or financially—or gain resources ourselves to fund a personal enterprise. 

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At 11:30 a.m.: Venus enters Leo

Before noon, Venus enters Leo, where love becomes all about the grand gesture! This influence lends some drama and creativity to our love lives. The volume is pumped up in our romantic interactions. Venus in Leo augments both our pride and our prejudice. It can cause us to overlook diamonds in the rough in favor of arm candy.  Love bombing is a signature of this transit, where we become addicted to appearances over substance. Yet, this is also a period where the joy of connection is simple (if not exactly understated). We want people to play with us! We want others to give us a bit of acknowledgment, and if we feel appreciated, we’ll give that validation right back!  Per the lion nature of Leo, we want to be petted and pampered. We should simply be mindful that at some point, the pampering stage of our love affairs will end. Will a romance built around ego gratification survive life’s inevitable ups and downs? Only time will tell how capable of adaptation we are. Venus will linger in Leo until September 4.

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