Skittles Might Be Releasing Yogurt-Covered 'Skittles Dips' Very, Very Soon

Caitlyn Fitzpatrick
Photo credit: Reddit user bommytommy12
Photo credit: Reddit user bommytommy12

From Cosmopolitan

Excuse me while I interrupt your day, but this simply cannot wait. Skittles Dips will reportedly be your next candy obsession!

Nearly a month ago, a Reddit user posted a picture of Skittles Dips, which features the original candy with a creamy yogurt-flavored coating. Sadly, that’s about as much as we know. The person who posted the photo said that their neighbor in Columbus, Ohio “just gave them to me.” Who is this neighbor? Where did he get them? Does he have more? Does he want to be friends?!

The packaging says “this unit not labeled for individual retail sale,” which makes it look like it's in the very early stages and likely got out from someone within the Mars Wrigley organization. However, it’s gone far enough to have had a label created (and what is probably actual product inside), so there’s hoping we’ll be seeing it in stores soon.

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