Skip the necktie this Father’s Day and give Dad some bacon

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Two strips of uncured bacon
Two strips of uncured bacon

Father’s Day is imminent, and it would be great to imagine that everyone knew exactly the right present to give dear old Dad. Unfortunately, right about now, many of us are scrolling through page after page of grilling equipment, goofy gadgets, ties and socks, and BBQ aprons with pithy quotes emblazoned across the front.

This year let’s all agree that we can do better. Our dads (either by birth or choice) have been our support and stability, our heroes and cheerleaders, our advisors and advocates. And we do not need to go cliché with our presents.

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If everything is better with bacon, then this year, let’s shower our pops with the best bacon on the planet. From artisanal slabs to specialty products like ground bacon or bacon jam, even bacon that isn’t pork, in 2021 let’s let bacon rule and give dad the gift that keeps on giving. Now, I do know that not every dad on the planet loves bacon, and if your dad is one of these, I’m afraid this article won’t help you. But for the rest, here are some of our favorite bacon gifts for Father’s Day:

The Bacon Lover Box from The Baconer

This gift kit is full of extraordinary bacon for every occasion. It contains XXL bacon steaks, which are nearly an entire meal on their own and fulfill the platonic ideal of the ultimate BLT; ground bacon, a more unusual but terrific addition to burgers, meatballs, or meatloaves; two styles of small-batch bacon for any breakfast or brunch; and a package of lardons, ready to make everything from quiche Lorraine to Lyonnaise salads.

Hickory Smoked Country Bacon from Benton’s

While the Benton family is rightfully famous for peerless country hams, don’t sleep on their amazing bacon. They have been working their magic with pork since 1947 . You can go hickory smoked, and we mean powerfully smoky, or unsmoked to let the pork take center stage. Both are deeply flavored and rich in umami; this bacon is seriously next-level. Get a four-pack to stock Dad’s larder.

Slab Bacon from Broadbent

A family-run smokehouse in operation since 1909, Broadbent is one of the few places you can source a whole slab of unsliced bacon. This four-to-five-pound uncut slab of hickory-smoked bacon is the perfect gift for the dad who wants total flexibility to create perfect slices, steaks, chunks, or strips. He can even cook it whole for a serious show-stopping brunch dish.

Free Bacon for Life from Butcherbox

If your dad is a meat lover in general, consider getting him a subscription from Butcherbox, a purveyor of premium meats, poultry, and wild-caught seafood. There is a subscription plan for every taste, and if you sign him up now, he’ll get free bacon in every shipment for the life of the subscription. Bacon bonus!

Lamb Bacon from Shepherd Song Farm, Smoked Duck Bacon from D’artagnan, or Beef Bacon from Porter Road

If your dad loves to explore new flavors, or if he just doesn’t eat pork, that doesn’t mean he can’t get in on the bacon goodness. Try one of these alternative bacons—lamb, duck, or beef—from one of these amazing online sources. These small independent purveyors take exceptional care with the products they produce and source, so you always know you are getting the best of the best. Go to all these sites for the bacons, but do look at the other offerings as well. There are plenty of other amazing products to get excited about.

Hot Pepper Bacon Jam from Terrapin Ridge or Bacon Onion Jam from Oakville Grocery

Bacon jam is the condiment your dad didn’t know he always needed, and there are great options from both Terrapin Ridge and Oakville Grocery. I don’t know who was the first to think of adding bacon to a plain old onion or pepper jam recipe to create a sweet and savory spread, but someone give them a medal. From elevated PB&J to the ideal anointment for cheeses to a glaze for grilled meats and poultry, a great bacon jam is a thing of infinite possibility.