Skip the delivery, and pick up Solo Stove’s Pi Prime Pizza Oven while it’s 20% off

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When you picture the epitome of the perfect take-out meal, a pizza is probably the first image that pops into your mind. But don’t be fooled by pizza’s reputation — it’s one of the most fun meals to make at home. To get in on all the pizza-making action, you’re going to need a reliable pizza oven. That’s why you should add the Solo Stove Pi Prime to your shopping cart during the Amazon Big Spring Sale. Right now, it’s $70 off, the lowest price we’ve seen this year.

Solo Stove Pi Prime
20% off

Solo Stove
Solo Stove

The Pi Prime uses a single gas burner to cook pizzas fast, and we love that it delivers a consistently delicious final product. Now it’s on sale for $70, making it even more affordable than its regular price.

$280 at Amazon

Solo Stove is mostly known for its fire pits. However, Pi Prime stands out for a few reasons. According to our tests, it runs on propane and a single internal gas burner that cooks pizza faster than a wood-burning pizza oven (Solo Stove makes one of those too, called the Pi Dual Fuel). In fact, we found that this pizza oven delivers crisp and bubbling pizzas in just one minute.

The Pi Prime is simple to set up: Just insert the two halves of the pizza stone into the cavity, and connect the fuel hose to the propane tank. It takes 20 minutes to preheat, and then you’re ready to cook your first pizza. The roomy 13-inch-by-3.5-inch opening offers enough space to comfortably rotate your pizza as it’s cooking. Our tests also noted that the adjustable temperature knob on the front of the Pi Prime provides a more accurate way to control the oven’s internal temperature.

We also appreciate that it’s one of the affordable options out there. The $350 price tag is already a reasonable price for this pizza oven, but during the Big Spring Sale, it’s an even better deal at just $280. Just be sure to shop now — the sale ends on March 25.

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