A Skinny Guy Tracked What Happened When He Bulked for 42 Days

Philip Ellis
·2 mins read

From Men's Health

For his latest fitness challenge video, YouTuber Cole Baker set himself a goal he had never pursued before: to bulk up as much as possible in six weeks.

"This wasn't going to be no dirty bulk, I wasn't just going to eat whatever I wanted, so I made a list of three rules," he said. "One, I'm only consuming an extra 300 to 500 calories a day on top of my maintenance calories. Two, I would eat four to five times a day, every three to four hours. And lastly, I would have at least 30 grams of protein in each meal."

Here's what his meals looked like on an average day:

  • Meal #1: Oatmeal with raisins and whey protein powder

  • Meal #2: Six scrambled eggs

  • Meal #3: Cereal with a protein shake instead of milk

  • Meal #4: Mixed berries and yogurt

  • Meal #5: 350 grams of chicken with steamed rice and plenty of vegetables

Prior to starting the bulk, Baker had maxed out on the bench press at 240 pounds. At the end of the challenge, he was able to lift 255 pounds. "This really did show that this bulk had pretty much worked how I thought it would work, and my strength did increase over those six weeks," he says.

However, he was disappointed to see very little in the way of visible physical changes.

"Honestly, I don't feel like my body changed too much," he says. "I did end up gaining 6 pounds, which was really on the max of the weight I wanted to gain, but I was surprised to see there was not much change in my physique. That 6 pounds gain was definitely not all muscle; I would say maybe 1 to 2 pounds was muscle."

"I felt stronger, but I did feel heavier as well, which was probably one of the biggest mental challenges," he continues. "Mentally, it was very hard to get over the fact that I was gaining weight, and I knew a lot of it was fat."

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