Skinny-Dipping & Drugs? Survey Reveals Naughty Traveler Behavior


What would you do if you thought no one was looking? (Photo: istock)

True or False — you’ve done something a little sneaky on vacation just because you didn’t think you’d get caught.

If it’s true, you’re not alone. Thanks to a new survey from Hipmunk, we now know all of the naughty things travelers do when they think no one is looking, and some of the revelations might surprise you.

When it comes to hotels, travelers are breaking rules left and right. 10 percent have lied to get a hotel upgrade, 17 percent have sneaked into a hotel to use the pool, and 29 percent have raided the maid’s cart for free toiletries.

Only 7 percent admit to skinny-dipping in a hotel pool, which in reality we think is much higher. C’mon people, you’re not fooling anyone.

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In the air, travelers also found ways to push the envelope. Who among us doesn’t hate the boarding process? It takes forever, and if you’re in one of the last zones, there’s never room for your bag. That’s why 6 percent of respondents to Hipmunk’s survey admit to boarding before their zone is called….sneaky!

Additionally, 18 percent of passengers stand up when the seatbelt light is on. What else are you supposed to do if you left your Twizzlers in the overhead compartment?


(Photo: Hipmunk)

One of the best parts about traveling abroad is the opportunity to experience new cultures. It’s also the perfect time to take advantage of activities that are illegal in the U.S, but permitted in other countries.

In the rebel category, 12 percent of travelers admit to doing drugs in countries where they are sanctioned, and 21 percent say that they drive faster than any U.S. speed limit. Autobahn anyone?

The moral of the story is that travel is the perfect opportunity to let your inhibitions go and throw caution to the wind.

Just don’t end up in prison. That’s never fun.

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