Skiing Sunglasses Brand Is Giving Away A Denim "Juck"

Pit Viper/Instagram

The internet is really delivering this week.

Pit Viper, a sunglasses manufacturer popular amongst skiers, recently announced plans to give away a "juck" as part of its 12 Days of Turbo sweepstakes.

What is a "juck," you ask?

I'd explain it, but I think you'd be better off just watching this video from Pit Viper.

That's it, that's the "juck" -- a truck handsomely outfitted in a pair of Wrangler jeans. This is one of those things I would never have considered if it weren't for Pit Viper. Now, though, I desperately want my own "juck."

Since the likelihood of me winning the giveaway is minuscule, I'm tempted to give my car -- a 2009 Outback -- a denim makeover. But deep down, I know "four-door hatchback jedan" doesn't have the same ring as "juck."

There are also lingering practical questions: What happens if the "juck" gets wet? How do you wash it when it gets muddy? Will the denim freeze and break in cold weather?

Practicality is probably the wrong angle, though. Those willing to sport a denim-clad car aren't doing so for practicality's sake. Instead, driving a "juck," "jedan," "Jeep," or "jorts utility vehicle" is all about making a statement. What's the saying? Fashion over function?

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Godspeed to whoever wins this legendary vehicle. Don't hide it away in the garage, saving it for special occasions. The post-skiing tailgate needs you.

While the "juck" giveaway is now closed, Pit Viper's 12 Days of Turbo sweepstakes continue with similarly ridiculous prizes. Enter here.

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