Skiers Soar Off Mountain Shack

Cliffs are out; jumping off buildings is in.

Here's a clip of Kole Harle hitting a mountain shack air.

It's a little tricky to tell from the video, but it looks this one involved some decent airtime. In the post's caption, Kole estimated that it was somewhere in the ballpark range of ten feet.

Sure, that's not a skyscraper, but it's certainly bigger than jumping off the roof of a hobbit home. Or a dumpster.

Those well-versed in ski movies, particularly street ski movies, know that pros are inclined towards rooftop skiing antics. I mean, it makes sense, right? Roofs are basically urban cliffs: they're tall, ideally covered in snow, and have stable take-offs.

The primary difference is that roofs frequently boast flat, concrete landings. Not ideal.

But this clip from Kole Harle has a smooth, satisfying transition—no flat landings in sight.

Speaking of roof skiing, I think now's a better time than ever to link this video from Richard Permin. It takes rooftop skiing and mixes it with Red Bull's tendency towards supporting athletes in cranking the gnarliness dial to 11. Enjoy!


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