Skiers Jump Over A Chairlift In Viral Video

Instagram/Jesper Tjader

Last spring, a crew of Red Bull athletes descended on Mammoth Mountain, California, to shred a gnarly track built by Mammoth's Unbound park builders.

The course featured a bevy of rails, kickers, transfers, gaps, and more -- the pièce de résistance? A jump that sent skiers over a chairlift.

Here's a look at the mindblowing chairlift gap featuring pro skier Jesper Tjäder.

This goes without saying, but don't try this at home. Don't even think about trying this at home.

Tjäder and his Red Bull compatriots (but Tjäder in particular) are literally paid to make inhuman feats appear possible and, in most cases, easy. But jumping over a chairlift isn't easy. It's a stunt with an immense list of prerequisites you'd only meet if you've spent the past two decades skiing at the highest level.

And, as is often true with Red Bull's finely orchestrated ski stunts, the consequences of failure are high when leaping over a chairlift. You ever crashed mid-air into a steel cable? Yeah, me neither, but I don't want to know how that would feel. Thus, I'll leave my feet on the ground when discussions of chairlift jumps arise.

But man, am I glad someone has the gall to try these absurd stunts. Shout out to Red Bull and its athletes for consistently delivering a drip of next-level maneuvers for us ski fans to watch.

For those interested, here's the full video which includes the chairlift gap.

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