Skier Crushes World Record For Most Vertical Climbed In 24 Hours

It’s a new WORLD RECORD for Austrian ski mountaineer Jakob Herrmann!

Herrmann, who is also a trail runner (checks out), just smashed the previous 24 hour record established by Kilian Jornet by over 756 meters, coming in with 24.242 vertical meters climbed in 24 hours.

He set this new record on a route specially prepared for him in the Radstadt ski area. He climbed the 710 meters of the 2.5 kilometer climb a total of 34 times.

In a post to Instagram celebrating the occasion just two days ago, ski touring and trailrunning gear company Dynafit posted that "With this outstanding performance he has redefined what human bodies are capable of and saved himself a spot in the history books of ski mountaineering."

Herrmann was welcomed at the finish line with a red carpet, a cheering crowd, and the popping (and spraying) of champagne. Herrmann understandably looked pretty pooped after setting the record, sitting down on a bench and taking it all in.

Jakob said about his accomplishment, “It’s absolutely crazy, I have no words for it. I felt super strong today and I’m so proud to finish with a new world record. Thanks to all my supporters!”

Outside Magazine broke down Spaniard Kilian Jornet's 24-hour uphill-skiing record—23,864 meters.

Nick Heil, author of Dark Summit: The True Story of Everest's Most Controversial Season (so a man who knows his mountain history!) explains that he "knew the figure was impressive but not quite how impressive until my imperial-system brain put it into feet: 78,274. That’s more than two and a half trips up Everest from sea level. In 24 hours. Or, as was the case, 51 blazing laps on lighted slopes at the Tusten ski area in Molde, Norway."

And that record was just topped by Jakob Herrmann.

We'll keep this in mind next time the 10-minute bootpack up to the summit seems insurmountable. Stay strong, people.

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