Ski Racer Aleksander Aamodt Kilde Shares Graphic Photos From Crash Recovery

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Norwegian alpine ski racer and two-time Olympic medalist Aleksander Aamodt Kilde suffered a heavy accident at the Lauberhorn races in Wengen when he was going over 70 mph, leading to his airlift removal, and now, his long recovery. .

Kilde offers the public a glimpse into one of these recoveries through documentation on social media, however, his spirits seem high despite the setback, as he wrote to Instagram, ”I’m looking forward to tackling this challenge and will try to enjoy the process as much as I can." 🚨WARNING: Graphic content on slides 4+5.

Aleksander broke down the process, explaining what his steps were week by week. (And man, is it worse than I would have thought!)

"Week 1: tried going to the bathroom on a toilet once, and fainted, pain medication like clockwork every hour, medical-heli transfer from Bern to Innsbruck (sooo thankful to get closer to home!), successful shoulder surgery—both arthroscopic and then open method—to repair my entire rotator cuff and capsule (it turned out to be quite a bit more extensive than 2 ligaments🥴)."

Kilde also admitted this is the most pain he's ever felt in his life.

"10/10 worst pain I’ve ever felt following the surgery…and then had an anxiety/panic attack from the medications for that pain🙄, lots of anatomy lessons."

The second week, he fared much better than the first, writing that he "sat upright for more than 10 minutes *without passing out*, going to the bathroom by myself, went outside for the first time in two weeks, preparing for 7 weeks in a wheelchair, spending quality time with my parents, FaceTiming @mikaelashiffrin 👑"

Mikaela commented her support publicly on Aleksander's post, writing, "The inside of your muscles are honestly gorgeous. Stunning. Your strength saved you from even more damage in this crash, and that same strength is gonna get you back up and boppin’ as soon as possible❤️❤️‍🩹🦾🦿🫶"

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On the bright side, Kilde revealed that he "tried a different pain medication that addressed the pain in my leg and the tension in the rest of my body differently…which was relieving almost immediately," and, he "showered for the first time in two weeks on Wednesday!!!"

Kilde went home from the hospital Friday, and upon leaving, the doctor informed him that he is expected to make a full recovery with the motor function in his leg, even with the current nerve damage.

Also, the doctors found a "significant amount of damage" in Kilde's shoulder when they entered for the initial surgery, but he is healing as planned.

Kilde wrote that he still cannot lift his toes, but the peroneal nerve "is showing some signs of firing" and the doctor told him that he expects Kilde to make a full recovery with the motor function in his foot.

All of this seems like Kilde is on the upswing, with good news from his doctors, support from Mikaela, and on week 3, being back home in Innsbruck.

We wish Kilde continued good vibes for his recovery. This is a show of incredible strength and we know Aleksander will be back to flying down the slopes as soon as he's healed!

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