Ski Company Employee Encourages Kids To Sticker Their Parents' Cars In Hilarious Video


I like to think that coating your parent's cars in the stickers of various ski companies is a universal part of growing up as a skier. To my knowledge, my parents never let it go too far with me and my brother -- the back of the Toyota Land Cruiser we took to the hill only had a few stickers, namely one of the classic K2 crosshairs die-cuts.

I'm glad to report that whoever's running the 4FRNT Skis Instagram page is working to keep this tradition alive. In a recent video, they handed out 4FRNT stickers to kids and encouraged them to slap them on their parents' cars.

And, since the video was shot in Boston, Massachusets, at the Snowbound Expo, there's an obligatory appearance from East Coast skiing legend Jason Levinthal.

Parents, I have a question. Does it bother you when your kids cover everything you own -- cars or otherwise -- in stickers? I have to imagine it can be frustrating, although I don't recall my parents getting on my case for sticker-related crimes.

Somehow, I got away with covering my childhood bedroom door in stickers which, to this day, remain, even after my dad started using it as an office.

Maybe they were just lenient (read: more patient than they should have been), though. I can only assume that 30 years from now if I have a mid-life crisis and purchase a sports car (who am I kidding? I'll be getting a drivable lawnmower if that) only to find it in the garage covered with ski brand stickers, I'd probably be a bit upset.

For now, though, I remain on the kids' team. Keep those stickers coming, 4FRNT -- a lot of cars are looking bare these days.

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