Ski Coach Reveals How To Land 360s "Perfectly"

Like an ollie, 360s on skis are a foundational trick—if you can't do a 360, you'll have a hard time progressing toward harder, more complicated freestyle moves.

Thankfully, we have the likes of Stomp It Tutorials to walk us through the not-so-humble 360.

I say "not-so-humble" because 360s can be suspiciously difficult despite their reputation as a beginner trick. They're like a gateway. Once you've surpassed them, 540s and 720s tend to come around much easier.

However, getting over that hump can take a considerable amount of persistence. I know this sounds counterintuitive, but 360s are more difficult than backflips for many skiers.

And mastering the 360? That's an entirely difficult ball game. Doing a regular 360 off a small park jump versus a large, carved 360 off a large cliff is like attempting two entirely different tricks. Landing angle, jump type, and snow conditions can all impact how you set a 360.

The solution, of course, is setting a good foundation, and good foundations are Stomp It Tutorial's greatest strength. His videos are a fantastic resource for a wide swath of skiers—from park fanatics to powder hounds—so don't neglect them if you're looking to up your skills. The school of YouTube prevails.

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