Ski Coach Reveals The Five Reasons Why You "Suck" At Powder Skiing

Powder skiing—it's supposed to be the easiest, most enjoyable form of skiing, right?

Well, maybe. While powder is called "hero snow," it presents a different sort of challenge than your average bump run or groomer.

In a recent video, Stomp It Tutorials explored the common mistakes skiers make when trying to get pitted in the deeper stuff.

Sure, "suck" is a harsh way to put it—I get it. But even after years spent on snow, I occasionally find myself feeling like I "suck" at powder skiing. My skis feel hooky, I can't figure out when to turn, and I crash more often than usual.

Part of the problem—I suspect—is that I don't actually spend that much time skiing actual powder. Most of my days on snow fall somewhere between mank, slush, and ice—blame it on global warming, I guess.

So, I was pretty excited to stumble across this video from Stomp It. From working on your groomer technique to getting more forward in your boots, his advice is sound. I'll never forget when I was told to treat powder skiing like groomer skiing. That was a game-changer for me.

And what better time to work on your powder skiing fundamentals now that ski resorts across North America are finally starting to get some snow?

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