Ski Bag Returned By Airline In Horrendous Condition

Upon landing at Newark Liberty International Airport, New Jersey, one skier discovered that his ski gear had been partially destroyed during transit, likely due to mishandling by airport or airline employees.

The skier shared images of the brutal baggage claim encounter on Reddit's skiing-focused subforum.

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The damage here is hard to comprehend. One binding looks like it was nearly shorn off the ski. The poles are broken, and the skin bag is entirely ripped through.

Speculation and incredulousness about how this could've happened ran rampant in the post's comment section.

"Did they jam them through the jet engine?" one commenter asked.

"Did they ****ing light your bindings on fire??" said another.

More details about the damaged ski gear emerged as the unlucky skier responded to comments and questions.

The skier revealed that he was returning home from a ski trip in Salt Lake City, Utah, which dulls the blow slightly—it's better to have your gear trashed after you already went skiing.

As for the alleged airline he flew: Delta. He explained that he had contacted the luggage desk (presumably Delta's), hoping to receive compensation for the damaged gear. However, no further updates have been published, so this sad story remains without a conclusion.

If I were on the take from a company that makes hard ski bags, it's here that I would pitch you on a lifesaving product. You couldn't think of a better "viral" potential advertising moment (the Stanley that survived the burning car comes to mind as a parallel). But I'm not.

Still, I am tempted to invest in a hard ski bag after encountering this story, even if they're pricier than their standard counterparts. I was unaware that flying could end with your ski gear in shambles.

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