How Can Skateboarding Benefit Your Mind? New 'Pushing Forward' Episode Discusses Mental Health

In the latest episode of Pushing Forward, Red Bull talks to some amazing individuals about how skateboarding can help guide us through life’s challenges.

From Tony Hawk and Brandon Turner, to Ben Raemer's sister and a handful of other incredible humans who are really doing great work in this space, this is easily one of the best episodes yet and genuinely does a great job covering these topics that are often easier said than done.

It's the comments on the video that are really hitting me the hardest, though. I spent a decent amount of time reading all these stories—some super sad, others insanely inspiring, but each common and relatable in their own way—and I think it's comforting for a lot of people to feel (and know) that they aren't the only ones.

I personally love that the general discussion of mental health has been amplified over the past few years. It's always been there, but it's nice to see the topic being shared more openly and confidently, especially in a subculture as influential as skateboarding.

Collectively as a community, skateboarding—with the help of some amazing individuals and organizations—is pushing the benefits of skateboarding forward.

Just another reason why it's the greatest thing in the world.

Video / @redbullskate

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