My Sister Has the Audacity to be Getting Married on My Due Date, and It’s Rubbing Me the Wrong Way

My husband and I are expecting our first child in the next three months and couldn’t be happier. He has a 5-year-old from a previous marriage, and so far, we have all been like one big happy family.

My sister also has something major going on at the moment: She’s planning her wedding. Our parents are over the moon with the excitement of everything that is happening, and so are we!

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Last week, my sister and I had lunch, and we took the opportunity to update each other on everything that has been going on with us individually. She told me she has been struggling to choose a date for the wedding based on everything that everyone has going on, namely me and the upcoming birth. I didn’t think much of it and continued to provide her with details and updates about the baby and our birth plan. We agreed to keep each other posted with major updates or changes.

Yesterday, I stopped by my mother’s house, where my sister also resides, to have dinner. My mother was finishing up some last-minute details on the meal and told me to sit and take a load off. I sat, and then she hit me with it.

She informed me that my sister is getting married on my due date. WHAT?! How is this possible? She’s known about my due date for six months. At that moment, my sister walked into the house.

I went off on my sister without giving her so much as a chance to even respond. When my mother finally got me and my sister to both calm down, it was silent in the dining room. With cooler and much calmer heads prevailing, my sister explained that she had been having a hard time securing a venue and that my due date ended up being the best date for her to walk down the aisle.

Obviously, I can’t change my due date, so my sister needs to be the one to be flexible and make changes, but she says she’s already paid deposits and that it’s settled.

She’s my baby sister, and I wanted to be there to see her walk down the aisle. There’s no way right now to tell when the baby will come, but my sister is having her wedding in another state. I don’t think I will be able to fly in my condition at that time, and I can barely go 30 minutes without going to the bathroom now, so a 9-hour road trip is out of the question.

Am I wrong for feeling like I want to disown my sister for planning her wedding on my due date?

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