Sister accuses brother and wife of ‘stealing’ baby name: ‘Crazy selfish’

A man was accused by his sister of “stealing her baby name” without consulting her.

He explained the situation on Reddit’s “Am I the A******? (AITA)” forum. He and his wife have been together since they were 16. Now a decade later, they recently had their first child named “Mason” (a fictitious name used in the thread to protect his identity).

After they announced their baby’s name, his sister pulled him aside privately. She demanded that he change Mason’s name because she had the name on a list of potential baby names.

His sister claims that it was “stealing” because she mentioned the name to their mom at a Christmas party a year before. She is not married or expecting. Nor had the Reddit poster ever seen the list.

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Redditors thought the sister was out of line.

“I think there are just crazy selfish people out there who make everything about themselves,” a user wrote.

“I can’t believe you wouldn’t double check with your childless sister to see if she had a secret future baby name list that conflicted with the name of your actual baby,” another said.

“You’re not a mind reader,’ someone added.

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