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Siren Eyes Are Summer’s Sultriest Eye Makeup Trend

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Legend has it that one siren stare will lure you in forever, so it’s no surprise that “siren eyes” have TikTok under a spell.

The enticing aesthetic, which is the latest beauty trend to go viral alongside lip wings and W blush, proves that TikTok is basically begging us to get creative with makeup. Post-Euphoria, bold eye makeup has come back with a vengeance, so much so that black eyeliner sales increased by 86% in June and July, according to consumer data from Klarna, a global shopping and payments service. Smoky siren eyes are the perfect makeup look to captivate the social platform. But what even is a siren eye?

Technically speaking, the siren eye is an elevated take on both the cat-eye and fox-eye eyeliner looks, makeup artist Molly Thompson-Tubridy tells Glamour. “The idea is to make the eyes look more seductive, rather than doe eyes, which are softer,” she says, pointing to Bella Hadid and Alexa Demie as siren eye examples.

That said, some beauty experts believe the look is more than a mere makeup trend. “Siren eyes are a vibe,” says Nick Lujan, director of artistry and education at Kevyn Aucoin Beauty.

“Yes, there is a soft, smoky, 360-degree liner with a horizontal wing to it, but siren eyes are more about stepping into your sensuality and strength; feeling and projecting confidence as you step into a space,” Lujan says. “It’s a bit of a come-hither, mysterious look.”

This, of course, has a lot to do with where the term came from in the first place. In Greek mythology, sirens were essentially femme fatales: half-women, half-bird hybrids who lured sailors to their demise via the sweet sounds of their singing. The siren eyes trend aims to evoke the sirens’ alluring glare…well, hopefully with less disastrous consequences.

Captivating lure aside, siren eyes are a practical beauty trend: It’s easy to achieve and universally flattering. “It’s a more complementary way to apply your liner, and just works on every eye shape, including hooded eyes,” Steve Kassajikian, global makeup artist for Urban Decay Cosmetics, tells Glamour. “Having hooded eyelids myself, this technique helps elongate and open the eyes, giving the illusion of a bigger eye shape.”

Siren eyes also require very few products, Thompson-Tubridy says. In fact, despite how high-maintenance they may seem, siren eyes can be created with just black eyeliner and dark eye shadow.

“The key is not to put too much of the liner product on the actual lid space; you focus mainly on the outer and inner corners,” she says of the less-is-more look. “This is why the trend suits any and all eye shapes: the liner won’t get lost when you open your eyes!”

To recreate the look, grab an eye shadow palette you love and apply one of the lighter shades all over the eye. Then, build the “siren” smokey eye with one of the darker hues, starting on the eye’s outer corner and aiming in toward the lash line.

Next, add definition and framework by applying dark black eyeliner along the waterline. According to Lujan, you’ll want to finish with a sharp, winged liner that pulls outward—more horizontal than a normal winged liner—elongating the eye shape. (Think toward your temples.)

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