A Single Pump of This Niacinamide Serum Erases My Redness Overnight

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My dry skin and lifeless complexion are no match for the Fig.1 Niacinamide Treatment.

Courtesy of Fig.1
Courtesy of Fig.1

Thanks to good genetics, I’ve been lucky enough to have low-maintenance, trouble-free skin for most of my life. I skated through my teen years without any of the major acne flare-ups or unstoppable oil puddles that my peers experienced. I got away with washing my face with a basic cleanser, slapping on a drugstore moisturizer, and calling it a day.

But once I kickstarted my career and moved far from friends and family (hi, stress), my complexion took a turn for the worse. My skin appeared dull and tired, no matter how much sleep I scored, and it felt more dehydrated and irritated than usual, symptoms that were only exacerbated by the pandemic. Incorporating new soothing products into my skin-care regimen seemed to be the only way out — and Fig.1’s Niacinamide Treatment became my lifeline.

Fig.1 Niacinamide Treatment Key Features

  • How I tested: I applied the serum after washing my face most nights over the course of nine months.

  • Perfect for: People with any skin type who are dealing with a stressed-out, dry complexion and need a soothing refresh.

  • What you’ll love: The lightweight-yet-creamy texture, long-lasting hydrating effects, and refillable packaging.

  • Keep in mind: Since the serum is free of added fragrance, it does have a slight scent that’s reminiscent of plastic. However, the smell dissipates soon after you apply it to your skin.

  • Key ingredients: Meadowfoam seed oil (to seal in moisture); niacinamide (to reduce the appearance of redness and calm the skin); and ions of magnesium (to repair skin), zinc (to ease inflammation), and copper (to clarify).

Courtesy of Fig.1
Courtesy of Fig.1

Buy It: Fig.1 Niacinamide Treatment, $34, fig-1.co

Fig.1 Niacinamide Treatment Review

The Fig.1 Niacinamide Treatment isn’t a product you have to use for months in order to see results. In fact, there was a noticeable improvement in my skin’s tone and texture after just a few applications. Each night, I gently massage one pump of the serum into my face after using a cleanser (and on some days, a chemical exfoliant). Then, I coat my skin with a layer of moisturizer before hitting the hay. At this point in my simple routine, my cheeks are typically rosy (and not in a cute way), but otherwise, my complexion looks flat-out exhausted. Flash forward to the next morning, and my skin is visibly calm, refreshed, and bright with no redness in sight.

But how your skin feels is just as important as its outward appearance. While other niacinamide serums with liquid textures have left my face feeling tight and dry, Fig.1’s creamy treatment does the complete opposite. Thanks to the serum’s meadowfoam seed oil (which seals in moisture and leaves skin soft and smooth) and the niacinamide (which increases the production of ceramides), my skin is left soft and silky to the touch and well-nourished, even in the winter months when my home’s humidity levels drop.

Courtesy of Megan Falk
Courtesy of Megan Falk

The cherry on top: The Fig.1 Niacinamide Treatment is packed in a small plastic cartridge, which is then stored in a luxe glass container. This airless packaging system keeps the quality of the serum in tip-top shape and protects the potency of the active ingredients. The glass vessel is sturdy enough that it has survived multiple falls out of my butterfingers but still chic enough that I don’t mind leaving it out on my bathroom countertop. When you run out of product, keep the pump, cap, and glass container and simply replace the plastic cartridge inside, helping to reduce waste. (Oh, yeah, and you get a discount on cartridge refills.)

I don’t plan on nixing the Fig.1 Niacinamide Treatment from my skin-care routine anytime soon. But when I feel like I’m in need of a regimen refresh, my skin and bank account will be glad to have the reusable glass container, pump, and cap  — which also pairs with the brand’s glycolic acid treatment, toner, and other serums — handy.