Single mom reveals why she will never shop at Goodwill again: ‘I was a big fan of Goodwill’

A mom has sworn off ever shopping at or donating to Goodwill stores ever again, and her reason is going viral across TikTok.

Heather Anne gained more than 3.8 million views, 400,000 likes and 15,000 comments when she shared her shocking shopping experience to her account.

Now, much like the mom who made an upsetting discovery in the middle of Walmart when she stacked toddler boys’ shorts, Heather’s shopping revelation is incensing viewers around the world.

Heather, a single mom of 4 kids, says she used to be a “big fan” of Goodwill.

“I would shop there; I would donate all the kids’ old clothes; all the hand-me-downs I couldn’t use, I would donate them as well,” she explains in her video.

But recently, after trying to thrift a secondhand prom dress for daughter, she’s sworn off Goodwills forever.

“It required some repair, but they wanted $50,” she recalls. “I took the dress up to the front and was like, ‘Hey y’all, this dress is already messed up, it’s ripped here, here, and here, the beading’s messed up, it’s a donation, everything you get is 100 percent profit — what about $20?”

According to Heather, the response she got was, “Absolutely not. Our prices are our prices.”

After that, Heather began shopping only at thrift shops within her community that “actually give back” — shops that “do food banks, give vouchers to people who need it when their houses burn down, and actually do good within the community, and stop preying off of people.”

The mom ends her video by advising viewers to follow in her footsteps: “Don’t shop at Goodwill. Don’t donate.”

“Find the thrifts that actually help…”

Nearly 16,000 TikTokers commented on Heather’s viral video, sharing similar feelings toward Goodwill stores.

“I donate mine and my kids old items to women’s and children’s shelters,” one user wrote.

“Totally recommend a Hospice thrift store if you have one,” another user suggested.

“Yes! find the thrifts that actually help, we have one here that does spay and neuter vouchers,” another user wrote.

“Thankfully my town has plenty of privately owned thrift stores that I shop at from time to time,” commented one user.

“The thrift stores in my town provide shelter for homeless, soup kitchen, free medical and dental office, hotel vouchers and purchased an old hotel for homeless women and children. Haven’t stepped foot in GW for yrs,” another user wrote.

Heather’s video — and the thousands of comments it has since garnered — are certainly food for thought this holiday season.

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