These simple rules will keep your pantry clutter-free

Here's how to organize your pantry so you can actually find things

Video Transcript

JAMIE HORD: Hi, everyone. I'm Jamie.

FILIP HORD: And I'm Filip.

JAMIE HORD: Welcome to "In the Know-- Uncluttered."

FILIP HORD: And today, we're going to be talking about the pantry. The pantry is an ever-evolving space in the house. So you want to think categories, containment, and ease of access.

JAMIE HORD: So here we have a tall, somewhat narrow, very deep pantry. So here, we're showing you three different deep-in options. We've got these mesh ones down low, these clear ones with dividers inside, and then these clear deep ones up top. Here, we're storing vinegars, oils, canned goods, and soups.

FILIP HORD: Now we're going to talk about spices. Some people organize their spices in their pantry. In this kitchen, we organize them in the drawer.

JAMIE HORD: So we love a good spice drawer. Here, we're using an in-drawer tiered spice rack. We've decanted all of the spices into matching spice jars. And we're using black label tape to match the black lids.

FILIP HORD: We like to put a spice to our next to a stovetop. You could organize them like we did, which is alphabetically, or you can do by type or by color or just by most frequently used.

JAMIE HORD: So there you have it, some tips to organizing your pantry and your spices. I'm Jamie.

FILIP HORD: And I'm Filip. And this has been "In the Know-- Uncluttered."

JAMIE HORD: Thanks for watching. We'll see you next time.