These simple hacks will level up your boxed cake mix recipes


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Boxed cake tastes great—but you can make it taste even better with a few simple kitchen hacks. By swapping out a few key ingredients and adding a few clever twists to the recipe on the back of the box, you can take your boxed cake from good to great! Here are 8 simple ways to upgrade your boxed cake mix.


Boxed Cake Mix Hack 1: Use Butter Instead of Oil

Your boxed cake recipe might call for cooking oil, but butter is a more flavorful option! Instead of adding cooking oil to your cake batter, use a hand mixer to mix in some melted butter. Not only will it enhance the flavor of your cake, but it will also give your cake a firm, cakey texture.

Boxed Cake Mix Hack 2: Use Milk Instead of Water

If your boxed cake recipe calls for water, try using milk instead. Whether you’re adding traditional milk or a dairy-free alternative, replacing water with milk can add extra richness to your cake. Sometimes simple ingredient swaps can make a huge difference!

Boxed Cake Mix Hack 3: Add an Extra Egg

For extra fluffiness, add an extra egg to your boxed cake mix! Sometimes less is more, but when it comes to baking a decadent, delicious, and perfectly fluffy cake, more is definitely more!

Boxed Cake Mix Hack 4: Add Vanilla

If you find box cakes a little bland, there’s a simple solution for that. When mixing your cake mix, just add in a splash of vanilla extract. It’s an easy way to pump up the flavor and take your cake to new dessert heights.

Boxed Cake Mix Hack 5: Make Cupcakes Instead of a Full-Sized Cake

If you’re looking to save a little time and energy when frosting your cake, making cupcakes instead of a full-sized cake is a great option. Cupcakes are easier to frost because you don’t have to frost the sides. Plus, they’re already split into single-serving portions. No cake-cutting needed!

Boxed Cake Mix Hack 6: Add Raspberry Powder to Store-Bought Frosting

For maximum fanciness, mix a bit of raspberry powder into your store-bought frosting. Raspberry powder boosts color and flavor, and will make your cupcakes look good and taste even better.

Boxed Cake Mix Hack 7: Add Powdered Sugar to Store-Bought Frosting

For a stiffer, fluffier frosting, all you need is a bit of powdered sugar. Simply use a hand mixer to mix ⅓ cup of powdered sugar into your store-bought frosting. This will make it easier to pipe the frosting and give it more structure.

Boxed Cake Mix Hack 8: Pipe on Frosting for Extra Style 

Piping frosting onto cupcakes is a great way to ensure they look their best. Simply add frosting to a piping bag and apply it to the top of your cake or cupcakes in swirls. It’s an easy way to make dessert fancy.

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