WATCH: Become a Jetsetter — These Sharing Sites Let You Travel Like a Millionaire

Once upon a time, the only people who got to travel like millionaires were those with overflowing bank accounts. But in today’s culture, the sharing economy has entirely changed the way we travel, making it possible for average Joes and Janes to vacation like the one percent.

Here are a few sites to consider if you want to globetrot like a rock star.

Rent a private jet

If you’re time is flexible, you can score a great deal on a private jet. (Photo: JetSuite)

Only rich people can charter private jets, right? Wrong. Now people with ordinary means can do it too! JetSuite is dedicated to bringing private air travel to the common folk, and it’s never been easier.

You can charter flights, but I’m not going to lie, it’s still pretty expensive. The real savings can be found in the daily deal section of the website, which lists last-minute private flights that are at rock-bottom prices. These are usually quick flights, but if you just want to sip some Champagne on a private jet with your best friends, you can usually find something for less than $200 a person.

Rent a yacht

Grab your sailing hat and jump aboard your very own yacht…for the day at least. (Photo: GetMyBoat)

Next up… boats. Literally, do you actually know anyone who owns a yacht? If you do, can we be friends? Boating can be seen as a luxury, but a site called GetMyBoat now allows you to rent and charter boats in more than 135 countries.

You can rent anything from Jet Skis and kayaks to powerboats, sailboats, and yacht charters. If you own a boat, you can rent it out, and make money, even if you’re not using it.

After glancing at the boats, it can can still get pretty expensive — I mean, they’re boats. A Spirit of New Jersey yacht is available in New York City for just $47 an hour; you can rent this sailboat in San Francisco for $200 a day; and this ski boat is going for $250 a day down in Kemper, Texas. If you split the cost with six or seven friends, this comes out to a pretty cheap and really fun day!

Oh, and if you can’t drive a boat, you can request a captain. There are also different options for obtaining boat rental insurance.

Rent a mansion

Renting a vacation home is better than owning because you don’t have to mow the lawn. (Photo: Thinkstock)

And finally… mansions!

When you travel, you can totally stay in a hotel, nothing wrong with that. But the rich and famous are known for renting out local villas and beautiful estates while they play in paradise.

If you’re looking for your own private getaway, sites like Airbnb, HomeAway, and VRBO offer great options. You can rent a home no matter what your price range, and many sleep several guests, so you can bring your friends and family along.

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