Simone Biles Claps Back at Online Troll Who Says She Doesn’t Have Any Olympic Medals

The gymnast is setting the record straight.

Simone Biles has had it with the Twitter trolls and called out a user after being mocked over her Olympic record.

On Monday, a Twitter user came after Biles and claimed she does not hold any Olympic medals. 

"Too bad you can’t go as Olympic medal winner," the user said in response to the gymnast's Tweet on Oct. 18 regarding people who were dressing up as Jeffery Dahmer for Halloween after Netflix released the series, Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story, based on the notorious serial killer.

Biles quickly clapped back at the troll, stating, "I have 7 olympic medals, do your research. Also the bots get on my fn nerves. Be real. Say it with your chest. Stop with the fake accounts."

Many fans quickly jumped in and supported Biles after the troll's comments. 

One fan wrote, "She can’t go as an Olympic Medal Winner because she has to go as a 7 Time Olympic Medal Winner."

Another fan commented, "the greatest of all time doesn't need advice from hockeyforever68."

One fan quipped, "I'll go as a medal winner.. can I borrow one? Lol. Get them Simone."

Biles' fiance, NFL player Jonathan Owens, also showed her support, responding with red exclamation point emojis. 

Biles won four gold medals and a bronze at the Rio Olympics in 2016. She also won a silver and bronze medal in Japan in 2020.

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