This Is the Sign of a Good Date, According to 90 Percent of Singles

After going on a date, you're often left wondering how it went. Sometimes it's clear one way or the other, but in other cases, trying to decipher signs that a first date went well can be challenging. There are so many components to take into consideration, from physical attraction to body language, but according to one survey, the most accurate indicator that a first date went well is how good the conversation was. Read on to find out why, and for more tell-tale signs that you're getting a second date, here are even more Undeniable Signs a First Date Went Well.

In 2017, the dating app company Plenty of Fish (POF) conducted the largest ever survey on romantic conversations, including over 2,000 singles throughout the U.S. According to a statement from POF, "9 out of 10 respondents identified conversation as the gold standard for a great date." When it came to what was more important on a first date, having a good conversation beat out having a good time in the bedroom by a landslide.

Couple talking on a date
Couple talking on a date

Good conversation is so essential to dating that it has the power to boost someone's perceived attraction. The survey found that 87 percent of respondents found someone more attractive after having a great conversation. The top three contributors to increased attractiveness post-conversation were intelligence, a sexy voice, and a good sense of humor.

Unfortunately, the reverse is also true: A bad conversation can cause attraction to wane. After realizing they have nothing in common, 61 percent of respondents said they would feel less attracted to their date. Meanwhile, 58 percent of respondents said their attraction would diminish if their date came across as insensitive or mean during the conversation.

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The power of conversation is significant in deciding the fate of your relationship with any date, but especially when it's your first. What the two of you decide to discuss, how easily it flows, and how comfortable you are could easily impact both of your perceptions of how likely you are to see each other again. And if you want to make sure you're not ruining things before they've even begun, This Is the No. 1 First Date Dealbreaker, Research Shows.