Sienna Miller shows 90s baggy jeans are back in style this spring

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Sienna Miller jeans

Sienna Miller, 40, might be known for her acting career, but it's also her effortless sense of style that keeps us coming back for more. So when the actress and mother-of-one turns up in a new trend, the rest of us tend to take note.

Case in point: the 90s baggy jeans trend. Just when you thought we’d had our fill of nostalgic 90s looks, Sienna Miller proves that not only can you wear baggy jeans this Spring, but you can look pretty good whilst doing so.

Like many who lived through the first round of the trend in the late 90s and early noughties, Miller had avoided baggy jeans until now, instead opting for tailored trousers when she wasn't wearing sparkling gowns on the red carpet.

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But it looks like even Miller can’t resist the allure of their comfort. When out and about in New York earlier this year, the actress paired her loose denim jeans with a darker indigo denim shirt for a contemporary take on the Canadian tuxedo. Miller wore a navy blue wool coat over the top and finished the look with a pair of brown suede boots.

Sienna Miller low rise jeans
Sienna Miller rocks a contemporary double denim look in New York City. (Getty Images) (GC Images)

It was the spring/summer 2021 collections that first showed a hint of leaning away from the beloved skinny jean, but it was the spring/summer 2022 collections that baggy jeans really took the catwalk by storm.

Molly Goddard, Rejina Pyo and Missoni all featured looser fitting denim in their shows paired with diaphanous, colourful blouses, classic trench coats and even bikinis.

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Of course, Miller isn’t the first celebrity to rock the baggy jeans look – models such as Hailey Bieber and Bella Hadid have experimented with the trend for a few months now – but it certainly marks a shift in the styling of 90s nostalgia.

No longer reserved for Gen Z and models of today, baggy jeans can emulate the relaxed yet tailored look that fans know Miller best for.

Elsewhere, Katie Holmes has warmed to leaving her skinny jeans behind too, regularly favouring a wider pair instead over her now-signature brogues, and a trench coat for spring’s transitional weather.

Katie Holmes street style
Katie Holmes out and about in New York wearing baggy jeans and a khaki trench. (Getty Images) (GC Images)

While we love a bit of nostalgia, there are a few 90s trends we're still glad to see the back of. Yes, tube tops, rose-tinted sunglasses and dungarees with one button undone can stay firmly in the past.