Sia, 48, Shows Off Her Recent Facelift In New Photos From Her Return To Australia

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After returning to her hometown of Adelaide in Australia last week, Sia was spotted at a chic winery on January 16th where she engaged with fans. The “Breathe Me” singer, 48, even stopped to take photos for visitors, which were later posted on social media.

In the snapshots, Sia’s blonde hair was braided and she sported an elegant, long-sleeved rosy pink gown along with a matching hairpiece. The “Chandelier” singer, who continues to display her rejuvenated appearance after undergoing a recent facelift, appeared supple and glowing as she smiled for the camera.








Sia Continues To Flaunt Her Radiant Facelift Results In New Photos With Fans

This outing came after the musician recently confessed to undergoing cosmetic surgery. At the fifth annual Daytime Beauty Awards in October 2023, the "Elastic Heart" artist presented an award to her esteemed physician, Dr. Ben Talei, where she raved about the "amazing" facelift he performed on her.

Sia (who frequently takes to the stage with her face concealed beneath a wig) said: "I'm a pop star that normally hides my face and doesn’t lie about s—t."

According to E!, she added, while on stage: "I got an amazing facelift from Dr. Talei. He is incredible. And he is doing so much good work — and not just for the pop stars of the world."

While the timing of Sia's facelift remains uncertain, her internet fans have been analyzing pictures of the "Unstoppable" crooner from the 2000s and 2010s. They have observed that her skin seems to have a more elevated and fine line-free glow, even though it was already radiant to begin with.

During the October awards ceremony, Sia continued to commend her doctor and the surgery operation she underwent. "I was showing someone in the back my before-and-afters right before I came on," she said. "People go, 'You look nice.' I'm like, 'Dr. Ben Talei, facelift' for, like, anything you could ever want. I love him, I can't say enough good about him."

Sia's fans on X (formerly Twitter) have conveyed their gratitude towards her for candidly discussing the cosmetic procedure she underwent, resulting in an open and honest dialogue about the topic. "Sia being open about her experience is refreshing," one recently tweeted as another added: "I love herrr so much for this!" Someone else replied: "Sia's honesty is refreshing, and it's great to hear she's had a positive experience." One other chimed in: "and she’s absolutely stunning."

More recently, Sia was met with praise after her December 9th tweet for her followers, in which she wrote: "Had to take a medication that made me put on a lot of weight that I just can’t shift with exercise or thyroid meds so I went in for lipo today. Please know that I am so lucky to have the resources to change the way I look and that when you see me looking crazy foxy again that I want you to know it did not come from diet and exercise."

She continued: "I want to be truthful about all of my procedures so I don’t contribute to the system that tells us we aren’t enough. I am insecure like most people and being in the public eye gives me anxiety, so I’ve made the choice to alter my appearance for my own confidence issues. Pray for me please! I love you, keep going!"