SI Swimsuit 2023 Model Angel Reese Explains How She Became the 'Bayou Barbie'

After making waves with her debut as Sports Illustrated Swimsuit's newest talent, basketball star Angel Reese opened up about the moniker she was given that fans can't seem to stop talking about.

Reese, also known as "Bayou Barbie," recalled the origins of her viral nickname (which is currently pending a trademark) while in Los Angeles on a SI Swim photo shoot led by photographer Yu Tsai.

"The name 'Bayou Barbie' came from a fan in Baton Rouge," Reese revealed. "She just called me the Bayou Barbie, and my mom heard it, and we just ran with it."

The 21-year-old NCAA titleholder continued, "I mean, it kind of fits me. I’m in Baton Rouge, which is the bayou, and then the Barbie part is my nails, lashes, hair [which are] always done on the court, so yeah, it went together."

Apparently, fans of the model agree–as many cited her moniker while congratulating her big debut on Monday, May 8.

"So many people have congratulated me. [I’ve] met so many crazy people that I never thought I would meet. Just to be able to see how much they embrace us, be it LeBron [James] saying something about us, it’s been so much fun," she shared with the magazine. "I love just the support that we’ve been getting. You have to realize that these have been men who are actually respecting women’s basketball, so that also helps."

Reese also said that it doesn't matter whether she's on the court or off, she has plans to further her Bayou Barbie influence with the right set of hair and beauty products.

"I want to do a lash line and I want to do an edge control line," she said. "I’m trying to figure out which direction I’m going to go in, because it could be many different directions and different companies have reached out. [I’m] just trying to find the right thing that fits me the most."

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