Shu Qi, Liu Wen, Chris Lee Celebrate Gucci Cosmos Exhibition Opening

SHANGHAI — “I’m not sure if I’m in Florence or Shanghai,” said Chris Lee, Gucci‘s global brand ambassador, at Gucci Cosmos‘ launch party on Thursday night.

The exhibition, which features a larger-than-life dome modeled after the Santa Maria del Fiore in Florence and seven other awe-inducing circular rooms that explore Gucci’s house codes via the artistic lens of Es Devlin, opened to the public on Friday at West Bund Art Center, a former aircraft factory in Shanghai.

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Shu Qi, the award-winning Chinese actress, appeared in an emerald sequined mermaid gown, looking regal as usual. “I look forward to an eye-opening experience,” said Shu. “a good exhibition can be so mood-lifting.”

Chang Chen, best known for his work in auteur Hsiao-hsien Hou’s works “The Assassin” and “Three Times,” also made a surprise appearance at the event. The actor, who is preparing for a theater show launching this September, said he was surprised by the amount of multimedia content at the show. “My favorite room is the Archivio, as well as Cabinet of Wonders hidden within Archivio, it’s full of surprises,” said Chen.

Ai Tominaga, the Japanese model who hasn’t visited Shanghai since the pandemic three years ago, said she particularly enjoyed “Cabinet of Wonder,” which “represents Gucci’s heart.”

Xiao Zhan, the Chinese actor and singer whose big break came when he starred in the 2019 drama series “The Untamed,” said he could feel the radical power of Gucci’s “timeless appeal” when visiting the show. “You can feel that the brand is bursting with imagination and creativity,” said Xiao.

Over 20 celebrities — including brand ambassadors Liu Wen, Ni Ni, Wen Qi; friends of the house Cecilia Boey, Thai actor Billkin, Korean singer Lai Kuanlin, Chinese actresses Song Jia and Vanda Margraf, DJ Yihan “Chace” Zhu; members from the 11-member boy band Into1, including Mika Hashizume, Kornchid Boonsathitpakdee, more widely known as Nine, Santa Uno, Lin Mo and Liu Zhang — showed up at the launch party.

Once inside, in an auditorium-like compartment of the factory, guests mingled and enjoyed a surprise performance by Gucci global brand ambassador Lu Han. Dressed in a silver sequined blazer, the former South Korean boyband member belted out a rendition of “Lost Stars,” which was followed by an Into1 performance.

Launch Gallery: Inside Gucci Cosmos' Star-studded Exhibition Opening

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