A Shredded Jake Gyllenhaal Just Went Shirtless at UFC 285 and the Internet Is Not OK

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Jake Gyllenhaal Is Shredded in Shirtless UFC VideoJTBC PLUS - Getty Images

After becoming Stan Twitter's public enemy number one during the All Too Well (10 Minute Version) discourse, Jake Gyllenhaal is officially coming out of hiding—and he's clearly spent that time getting absolutely jacked. A video of the actor shared by ESPN MMA just went viral, in which he can be seen shedding his short and showing off his lean, ripped physique while filming a scene from an upcoming movie at the UFC 285 event in Las Vegas.

Having already played a professional fighter once before in 2015's Southpaw, Gyllenhaal has now transformed his body into that of mixed martial artist Elwood Dalton for the remake of Road House. In it, he will be portraying a new interpretation of the classic Patrick Swayze character, a bouncer who finds himself becoming the protector of a community being threatened by corrupt businessmen.

Stills from the clip are now all over the internet, showing Gyllenhaal flexing and mugging for the crowd during the ceremonial weigh-in, before squaring up to UFC champion Jay Hieron ahead of a fictitious "Dalton vs Harris" fight that will be a part of the movie. Controversial UFC figure Conor McGregor also played a role in the scene, and is believed to have been cast as a henchman of the film's primary antagonist.

Not that anybody on Twitter cared about these details. The timeline is, as is to be expected, a parched desert of thirst for Gyllenhaal and his six-pack abs.

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