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This TikTok-famous hair catcher is the purr-fect clogged drain solution: 'No more water backups'

You're enjoying your shower, massaging shampoo into your scalp, when you realize you now have a big, loose clump of hair in your hand. Do you: A. Rinse it off and hope it doesn't clog your drain, or B. Stick it to the wall of your shower and tell yourself you'll throw it out before your spouse sees it? (Riiight.) The answer? Neither— assuming you have a Shower Cat hair catcher, that is. This $15 TikTok find adheres to the wall and collects excess hair before it can mess with your drain or gross out your family. That gets two paws up from us!

Just like your pet feline, this gizmo is about to be chock-full of hairballs. Unlike your pet feline, it won't hock them up all over your floors. 

$12 at Amazon

If you determinedly avoid products requiring involved installation, the Shower Cat was created with you in mind. All you do is stick it onto the wall of your shower using the included adhesive strip, and voila! Instant personal hair collector.

What makes this kitschy invention so genius, however, is its ease of use. Unlike your standard drain catcher, you won't have to pry a coil of tightly-wound hair from it; instead, you'll just swipe any loose hair you catch into this kitty's eager teeth to the left, and at the end of your shower swipe right to effortlessly retrieve it and throw it out. Check it out in the TikTok below!

Not only will it help prevent dreaded water backup, it'll also save you time and energy, since you won't have to crouch over while wiping hair off the floor. And because it'll keep all of the hair in a dedicated place, you'll be more likely to remember to clean it out each time.

the shower cat holding hair on a blue tiled shower wall
This hair catcher might look cute, but its claws will make fast work of your shedded tresses. (Photo: Shower Cat) (Shower Cat)

More than 1,500 Amazon customers love this gadget so much, they thought it deserved a perfect five-star rating.

"Shower Cat really is the shower helper you didn’t know you needed!" gushed a happy shopper. "It is so easy to install and works so wonderfully at trapping my long, thick hair. ... Let me tell you what, no more water backups from clogged drains. So, I guess you could say the only downfall to this amazing product is for all those plumbers out there, because if you have this product, you won’t be needing to call them!"

"I have long, very thick hair and I shed like crazy!" admitted another impressed user. "My family does not appreciate my 'shower art' and I really hate cleaning gross hairballs out of my drain. This handy little gadget sticks to my wall without an issue and quickly snags all the hair I lose. Easy to clean out, and a great solution. Wish I'd thought to invent it."

This final fan called it a "must-have product," adding: "It works great and is so cute too. The adhesive is very strong and it was easy to install. The only issue is I find it does not hold a lot of hair; have to clean it out after every shower, but that’s not a big deal."

Your new best friend, your plumber's worst enemy.

$12 at Amazon

And for even more drain protection, why not add another TikTok fave to your cart — the TubShroom:

Just stick this little plug into your drain, and any stray hairs you might miss will wrap around it rather than causing a clog. 

$13 at Amazon

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