NYC Hova Style: Tour the Big Apple Like a Baller in a Chopper

·Managing Editor

New York by helicopter — there's nothing like it. (Photo: Thinkstock)

I get a little shiver every time I fly back into one of New York City’s airports and see the towers of Manhattan from the sky.

"I get to live there," I think to myself as I press my face against the Plexiglas, and look down on the crowded island.

The view from above truly is the best view of New York City, which is why, if you have the opportunity, we highly recommend taking one of the city’s many helicopter tours.

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Last week, I tested out one of Travelzoo’s new deals: a $119 sunset helicopter ride over Manhattan from New York Helicopter. I am the first one to admit that I can be a bit of a jaded New Yorker. I even brought with me one of my more jaded friends. But it’s hard to be cynical as the Freedom Tower is looming directly in front of you, or as you’re hovering over the Statue of Liberty or Yankee Stadium.

Here are some of the views you’ll see from the air. (Photos by Jo Piazza)


Look how pretty Lady Liberty looks from up above. 


You’ll cruise right alongside the Empire State Building and downtown. 


Central Park looks absolutely massive from the air. 


The brand-spanking-new Freedom Tower is quite shiny from this vantage point.


A look uptown at the Brooklyn and Manhattan Bridges. 


Wherein I have a “Top Gun” moment and ask permission to buzz the Statue of Liberty. Permission denied. 

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