These Short Hairstyles for Thin Hair Are So Flattering and Full

short hairstyles for thin hair
25 Best Short Hairstyles for Women with Thin HairJon Kopaloff

Is your thin hair getting you down? Elevate your look with a little inspiration from our collection of the best short hairstyles for thin hair. These celebrity snaps are living proof that chic and elegant hairstyles are not exclusive to voluminous locks. There's something here for every hair type and texture here, whether you have straight or curly hair, or fine or even thinning hair. You'll find plenty of different styles, too, from pixie cuts that redefine bold confidence, to bob variations that embrace timeless sophistication, to lobs that are the perfect compromise between short and long hairstyles.

These short haircuts work well for older women and younger women alike, with fashion-forward details that know no age limit, like baby bangs, shag styles, and even fauxhawks! But remember, haircuts aren't one-size-fits-all: You can (and should!) expect to tweak these styles to make them work for you. Let our gallery serve as your style compass, and bring one of these celebrity looks to your next hair appointment. No matter which one you choose, you'll walk away happy, with added fullness and dimension to your fine hair. It just goes to show you that the right cut and styling techniques have the power to transform and amplify the natural beauty of your locks!

Curtain Bangs and Wet-Look Waves

Play to your fine hair with chic curtain bangs and sleek wet-look waves like January Jones did here. This bold look effortlessly combines modern flair with timeless elegance.

short hairstyles for thin hair january jones
Frazer Harrison

Slicked to the Side Lob

Make a statement with a sleek, side-slicked lob, featuring playful flipped-out ends. Kate Mara's modern twist on a classic look exudes confidence and versatility.

short hairstyles for thin hair kate mara
Dan MacMedan

Straight Pixie Cut

Helen Mirren always gives off effortless sophistication, but she outdid herself with this grown-out pixie cut that frames her features with a chic edge.

short hairstyles for thin hair helen mirren
Pascal Le Segretain

Sweeping Bangs and Layers

Sweeping bangs and layers create a voluminous effect, adding a flattering dimension to thin hair. This hairstyle not only enhances texture but also provides a stylish solution for anyone who wants to elevate their look with a touch of natural volume.

short hairstyles for thin hair kim cattrall
Lia Toby

Sideswept and Spiky Pixie

Revitalize thin hair with a sideswept and spiky pixie like Jennifer Lawrence's. This soft yet edgy style will add texture and movement to fine hair.

short hairstyles for thin hair jennifer lawrence
Stephen Lovekin

Pixie with Fauxhawk

Elevate thin hair with confidence in a platinum blonde pixie fauxhawk. Miley Cyrus's daring look showcases modern allure and is sure to turn heads!

short hairstyles for thin hair faux hawk
Maury Phillips

Blunt Bob

Thin hair finds a perfect companion in the blunt bob, a sleek and structured look that never goes out of style. Anyone who likes to keep their beauty routine simple should try this timeless cut that makes a strong impact with minimal effort.

short hairstyles for thin hair michelle williams
Steve Granitz

Wavy Lob with Side Part

A wavy lob like Jennifer Lawrence's will offer the perfect blend of texture and movement, creating the illusion of fuller, voluminous locks. The deep side part also adds instant volume and lift.

short hairstyles for thin hair
Jon Kopaloff

Slicked Back with a Swoop

Effortlessly chic, Kate Hudson's slicked-back short hairstyle features a stylish side swoop, adding a touch of modern sophistication to your look. It also happens to work wonders for people with finer strands, providing an illusion of added volume and thickness while minimizing visual gaps.

short hairstyles for thin hair kate hudson
Cindy Ord

Voluminous Pixie

Not every pixie cut is short and sweet. Jane Fonda favors a longer length with lots of volume, which can create a flattering illusion of fullness for those with thin hair.

short hairstyles for thin hair jane fonda
David Crotty

Sleek Lob with Side Part

Unleash sophistication with a sleek lob haircut like Mindy Kaling's. This style adds a touch of glamour while the strategic deep part enhances the appearance of thickness and bounce.

short hairstyles for thin hair mindy kaling
Jemal Countess/GA

Low Ponytail with Blunt Bangs

Rashida Jones' sweet and feminine low ponytail is perfect for everyday style as well as special occasions. The low placement of the ponytail adds subtle volume, while the bangs frame the face, creating the appearance of thickness.

short hairstyles for thin hair rashida jones
Earl Gibson III

Updo with Baby Bangs

Take your hair to the next level with a relaxed updo like Emma Watson's that features trendy baby bangs and curly tendrils. The bangs will create a youthful edge and add fullness to your overall look.

short hairstyles for thin hair emma watson
Daniele Venturelli

Old Hollywood Waves

Ready to get your old Hollywood style on? Try a lob haircut with a deep side part and big bouncy curls that exude glamour and add a touch of drama and fullness.

short hairstyles for thin hair claire danes
Frazer Harrison

Curly Bob

Katherine Heigl can rock any hair style but we especially love this sweet and playful curly bob! Even if you don't have naturally curly hair, this look will be easy to achieve with a small curling iron or wand. And if you do have naturally curly hair, this carefree style could quickly become your go-to!

short hairstyles for thin hair katherine heigl
Randy Holmes

Bob with Feathered Bangs

Lucy Hale's feathered bangs are bringing the '70s vibe! They add a soft, face-framing touch to her wavy bob, enhancing the overall texture and adding a flattering fullness to the look.

short hairstyles for thin hair lucy hale
Frazer Harrison

Pompadour Pixie

Radiate confidence with pompadour pixie cut like Sarah Moyle's. The elevated top creates an illusion of fullness, especially in contrast with the shorter sides.

short hairstyles for thin hair sarah moyle
getty images

Bob with Bangs

Bobs and bangs go together like Taylor Swift and bangers! This clean lines of the blunt cut and bangs creates a sleek and polished style and a flattering structure that can do wonders for thin hair.

short hairstyles for thin hair taylor swift
Alberto E. Rodriguez

Piecey Pixie Cut

Sharon Stone's short, textured style radiates youthful energy. The distinct, separated pieces add a modern edge and also provide a sense of volume for anyone with thin hair.

short hairstyles for thin hair sharon stone
Stephane Cardinale - Corbis

Wavy Bob

Bring a touch of beachy charm to your look by adding gentle waves to your bob with a curling iron or wand. You'll be amazed by how much texture and volume this easy step can bring to fine hair!

short hairstyles for thin hair amy poehler
Gilbert Flores

Natural Waves

Embrace the beauty of natural texture and waves with this stunning look from Kerry Washington. To get her style, start with a hydrating leave-in conditioner or cream styling product to nourish and define your curls.

short hairstyles for thin hair kerry washington
Amy Sussman

High Bun with Curtain Bangs

Need an updo idea? Look no further than this chic high bun with curtain bangs. Rose Byrne's look is chic and timeless and will add a sense of fullness for those with thinner strands.

short hairstyles for thin hair rose byrne
Taylor Hill

Fauxhawk Updo

Assert your individuality with an edgy updo featuring a faux mohawk. To get Scarlett Johansson's style, divide your hair into three sections and start with the center section by applying a gel, wax, or pomade section for hold. Comb or brush the hair upward and use bobby pins to secure the sides of the center part. When you're done, it's time to tackle the sides: You can sleekly pull tem back, braid them, or leave them loose for added texture.

short hairstyles for thin hair scarlett johansson
Gregg DeGuire

Shaggy Lob

Taylor Swift's trendy and effortlessly cool style here is the perfect compromise between a long bob and a shag cut. The textured layers and disheveled waves create a relaxed and modern vibe.

short hairstyles for thin hair shaggy lob
C Flanigan - Getty Images

Slicked-Back Faux Bob

Not ready to sacrifice your hair length? Try a slicked-back faux bob like Zendaya by tucking and pinning your ends under the rest of your hair. This style not only exudes elegance but also adds a touch of volume for anyone with thinner hair.

short hairstyles for thin hair zendaya
Emma McIntyre

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