Shopping for a New Mattress? These Are The Best Places to Buy One

best places to buy a mattress
Best Places to Mattress Shop Courtesy of Avocado and Overstock

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It is paramount that one gets a good night of sleep. At least, according to the National Institute of Health. The immediate benefits of a good night's rest include ideal brain performance, mood, and overall health. For brain and cognitive function, energy levels, your immune system, even your mood—it's impossible to overstate how crucial sleep is to wellness. If you aren't getting enough sleep, or enough good sleep. Getting a decent amount of sleep per night on a regular basis may also help prevent heart disease, stroke, obesity, and even dementia.

But, do we really need scientific data to try and convince us to get a good amount of sleep? Odds are, we can each recall the day after a night of horrible sleep. Perhaps some grogginess? Or heightened irritability? Whatever you experienced, as far as days go, it's likely not a great one that follows a bad night of sleep.

This is why shopping for a mattress should be taken seriously. No two people sleep the same way, and everybody has their own preferences when it comes to mattresses. Firm or soft? Pillow top or not? Memory foam or springs? The list goes on. For side sleepers, hot sleepers, stomach sleepers, achy sleepers, and everyone in between, the right mattress is out there—you just have to know where to look. Here, find 15 of the best brands and retailers to shop for mattresses.


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These days, Amazon is one of the best places to buy just about anything—including mattresses. They have the largest selection out of any of the brands on this list, and there's no denying that Amazon's customer reviews are a major benefit when weighing options, especially for a big purchase. Amazon's selection runs the price range gamut, and you can find brands like Casper, Tuft and Needle, Nectar, and more. Many (although not all) are backed by a 100 night trial period. Prices range from a few hundred to four figures depending on the brand, size, and more.

mattresses from amazon
Courtesy of Amazon


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For a top-of-the-line selection of mattresses, Bloomingdale's has you covered. The department store carries high-end and luxury models from brands such as handmade mattress company Kluft. With options from twin to California king, there's something for everybody. They even carry adjustable bases. Orders of $1,499 or more qualify for free white glove delivery. If you're unhappy with your selection, you have one year to exchange with a re-selection fee. For an additional optional fee, Bloomingdale's offers mattress protection plans, too. Prices dive well into the four figures, sometimes five, but the quality is worth it. A mattress from Aireloom received reviews from a user who stated that the firm mattress "helped [their] back feel better."

mattresses from bloomingdales
Courtesy of Bloomingdale's


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Purple mattresses are unlike any you've seen before. The GelFlex Grid, which is essentially a layer of rubbery purple squares, was specifically designed for to alleviate pressure and support your body as you rest. An added benefit of the grid's open squares is that they allow air flow, making this a great option for hot sleepers. Purple has two different lines of mattresses: original and hybrid. Hybrid models contain a layer of individually wrapped coils for additional support and air circulation. All mattresses come with a 100 night trial. The prices range from a few hundred to lower thousands. And for a mattress with a design backed by science? Not a bad price. One user review reads "It cradles my body perfectly in the correct areas without a feeling of sinking."

purple mattresses
Courtesy of Purple Mattresses


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This might be the surprise contender, but Macy's actually carries a big selection of high end mattress brands and is definitely one of the best options if you prefer department stores. There, you can find an array of labels including Serta, Sealy, Leesa, Purple, and more. Purchases are backed by 120 night free trials, and orders of a certain value receive free white glove delivery service. And as any Macy's shopper knows, the retailer frequently has sales and markdowns, making it a favorite for bargain hunters. The price range for the mattress offered at Macy's range from the low hundreds to the low thousands. One user who bought a Sealy Mattress mentioned that it was an "Excellent mattress! It really helped me to sleep much better. I have problems in my back and I feel so comfortable in this mattress."

courtesy of macy's
Courtesy of Macy's


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For luxe mattresses, look no further than Saatva, where options range from latex to memory foam, and every hybrid in between. One thing to note about Saatva is that the prices are low in relation to the high quality of the mattresses, so you get a great value. The website has a handy quiz to help you determine which bed is best for you. The most popular is their classic, a hybrid, but all Saatva mattresses have reinforced lumbar support and are made with organic, eco-friendly materials (and they're made in America!). You can try your purchase for 180 nights, with free white glove delivery and setup, meaning they'll remove your old mattress. Saatva also covers their mattresses with a 15 year warranty. Prices here range from $1000-$5000. Not only do the reviews rave about the quality of the mattress, but they also mentioned the quality service. "Wonderful service - have bought Saatva before, always a good experience!"

mattresses from saatva
Courtesy of Saatva


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When it comes to retailers, Overstock is a great option for those who don't mind the online-only nature. Because of Overstock's business model, you can often get truly stellar deals on mattresses that would otherwise cost hundreds of dollars more. They carry a vast selection to accommodate every price point and feature the hottest brands. Many models qualify for free shipping and/or a 10 year warranty, but not all. Overstock also has frequent sales, slashing their discounts even further. Overstock carries mattresses of all sorts (even air mattresses!), and lean more into the few hundreds. For one of the higher end mattresses from American Bedding, one user commented on how "It's very comfortable and the quality is better than anticipated. It has very good support which is not to soft nor hard."

mattresses from overstockcom
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Tuft & Needle

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Tuft & Needle features a smaller selection, but each high quality mattress is thoughtfully designed, and customers rave about their superb service and customer support. There are three models of Tuft & Needle mattresses: the Original, the Mint, and the Hybrid, which contains springs in addition to foam. These mattresses have earned the approval of hot sleepers for a few reasons. First, Tuft & Needle mattresses are made with adaptive foam, not memory foam, which relies on body heat to mold to your body. This means the adaptive foam stays cooler, plus each of Tuft & Needle's models are infused with a graphite cooling gel. Shipping is free, as are returns. Better yet, if you do opt to return your mattress, it can be donated to a charity of your choice. Purchases are backed by a 10 year warranty, and you have 100 nights to try out the mattress risk-free. Prices range from $1000-$2,5000.

mattresses from tuft and needle
Courtesy of Tuft and Needle


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Tempur-Pedic—it's the OG household mattress name. It's the brand of choice for many sleepers who prefer memory foam. Tempur-Pedic now has a few different model lines, including their classic, a cooling version that claims to you keep you up to eight degrees cooler at night, and their "Adapt" model, which is said to have advanced support and pressure relief technology. All mattresses are available in different firmness levels. Customers get 90 nights to try their mattress, plus a 10 year warranty. Some purchases qualify for free white glove delivery. Prices go up to $4,5000, but according to the reviews, the hefty price tag is worth it. One called it the "best bed ever" since "the first night sleeping on [their] new bed, [they] wake up every day feeling pain free and well rested.

mattresses from tempurpedic
Courtesy of TempurPedic

Sleep Number

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You've seen the commercials. We're all familiar with what makes Sleep Number unique. It's a great option for anyone who's bed-mate prefers different mattress conditions, as each of you can personalize your side of the mattress. Using either a remote or an app on your phone, you can make adjustments to the firmness and the elevation of the head and foot of your side of the bed. This can also help with snoring! Sleep Number offers a variety of different mattress lines, from classic to "Innovation" (read: a tad experimental) to memory foam options. Purchases come with a 100 night trial, a 15 year warranty, and free delivery with the purchase of a mattress and a base. Prices begin at $600 and go up to $1,800. A user appreciated the longevity of the mattress, saying "This bed is durable and comfortable. It provides a restful sleep for many years."

mattresses from sleep number
Courtesy of Sleep Number


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We should all be a little more conscious about what we bring into our homes, and luckily, Avocado is making that easier with their nontoxic, organic mattresses made with eco-friendly production practices. They go so far as to offset the carbon emissions from shipping and delivery, and are even working to become the first mattress factory to be zero-waste certified. Now that's a cause worth supporting. But even without all this, Avocado just makes really great mattresses. Models include foam-coil hybrids or no-spring latex, and they offer vegan and crib-sized options as well. The mattresses are naturally anti-microbial and dust mite resistant, as well as being well liked among hot sleepers for their ability to stay cool. Purchases come with a one year free trial, free shipping and returns, and a 25 year warranty. Prices begin at $700 and go up to $2,700. And the reviews are good, naturally. One user mentioned how they have "no more joint pain!"

mattresses from avocado
Courtesy of Avocado


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Casper was the first bed-in-a-box company to really go viral. Although they have a limited number of models, each are well-endorsed by loyal customers who also rave about the brand's customer service. Whether you prefer plush or firm, and no matter what your go-to sleeping position is, Casper mattresses are meant to suit everyone. (Although, the internet consensus is that these are not ideal for hot sleepers. Consider yourself warned.) Shipping is free and for buyers in certain cities, free white glove delivery and old mattress removal is available. Another perk of Casper is that they offer savings on a bundles when you purchase items such as their bedding or pillows, which means one-stop shopping can end up saving you money. Beds come with a 10 year warranty, returns are free, and you have 100 nights to try your mattress risk-free. Prices begin at $1,000 and reach around $2,000. One user mentions that the brand's Snow Mattress "is the perfect firmness to softness ratio."

mattresses from casper
Courtesy of Casper

Mattress Firm

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If online shopping or a mattress-in-a-box isn’t quite for you, there's nothing like going in person and trying out a bed for yourself. And Mattress Firms are, inexplicably, one of the most ubiquitous and amply available stores in the country. They're literally everywhere, making it easy to find one near you wherever you are. If you want to do some research beforehand, however, the retailer's website is well-designed and easy to use. Customers can exchange their mattress within the 120-day trial window. They have a wide variety of mattresses from brands including Purple and Beautyrest, free shipping, and experts who will help you find a bed that's right for you. Prices hover around the few hundred range. One of the best sellers, Beautyrest, is "five stars" for the money, per one user wrote.

mattress firm mattresses
Courtesy of Mattress Firm

Bed Bath & Beyond

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Even though "bed" is literally in the name, you might not have considered buying a mattress from reliable Bed Bath & Beyond. But you should. The retailer carries a high end selection at great prices. Delivery is free, as are exchanges within 120 days. You can score on brands like Beautyrest, Serta, and TempurPedic. Plus, we all know how it goes with Bed Bath & Beyond coupons... You can definitely get an incredible deal on your next new mattress.

mattresses from bed bath and beyond
Courtesy of Bed Bath & Beyond


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For a mattress made out of layers of different types of foam, it's surprising that customers report this mattress does not get too warm. This could be thanks to the cooling gel infused into Nectar's foam. In addition to being beloved by hot sleepers, Nectar mattresses are also purportedly great for anyone who shares their bed and doesn't want to feel every toss and turn of their companion, be it furry or human. For sufferers of chronic pain, nine out of 10 customers with back pain said their Nectar mattress helped alleviate that pain, according to a survey conducted by the brand. You can also get two pillows, sheets, and a mattress protector for free with the purchase of a mattress. Shipping and returns are free, the warranty is "forever," and the trial lasts 365 nights (yes, that's one full non-leap year). Prices begin at $300 and go up to $1,100. According to one user, one of the mattresses were so good that it "saved [their] life!"

mattresses from nectar
Courtesy of Nectar


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Fancy yourself an athlete? Well, Bear is the mattress engineered for you. Happy customers say the mattress actually aides in their recovery time due to the fact that the top layer is made with Celliant fibers. While it's still being tested for efficacy, Celliant fibers have shown the ability to absorb body heat and recirculate it back into the body in the form of infrared energy. This improves blood flow and thermoregulation while improving recovery. But before you start thinking this sounds like a hot sleeper's nightmare, don't. The mattresses are foam-coil hybrids, in which the coils allow for air flow and heat dissipation. (Note that the original model does not have coils, just foam.) Shipping and returns are free, the trial window is 100 nights, and the warranty lasts a lifetime. Prices range from the upper hundreds to $2,000. One review for their Elite-Hybrid mattress "This mattress is incredible. We got the medium support. One user was initially "skeptical" of buying one without trying, but that hybrid elite mattress turned out to be "perfect."

mattresses from bear
Courtesy of Bear

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