Shoppers Say This Wedge Pillow Finally ‘Bridges the Gap Between the Mattress & the Wall’

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When it comes to pillows, they’re either really good or really bad. Of course, no one eagerly seeks out a lousy pillow. But months of use makes pillows lose their shape and comfort, causing neck pain and interrupted sleep. And, if you have a gap between your mattress and headboard that makes your pillows not stay propped up, it can compound your sleep issues even more. But don’t worry! Amazon (and TikTok) shoppers have found the perfect solution — a multitasking wedge pillow that finally allows you to sleep well all night.

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The Vekkia Bed Wedge Pillow helps you get a better night’s rest. When you add the pillow, you won’t need to wrestle with your pillows any longer. So how does it work? The pillow wedges the annoying gap between your bed and mattress that causes your pillows to slip down and not stay in place. The wedge rests comfortably in between and seals the space between. It’s long enough to fit a king-sized bed, and doesn’t look too out of place when you make and style your bed. The pillow is also said to keep you propped up in a comfortable position, alleviating neck and back pain, and helps if you struggle with snoring.

Vekkia Bed Wedge Pillow Gap Filler

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The pillow “bridges the gap between the mattress and the wall,” one reviewer reported. “My pillows and remote no longer fall off the mattress between the bed and wall.”

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And if you’re looking for a solution to help you sleep better, especially if you don’t have a supportive headboard, one shopper confirmed that the wedge fixed their problems. “It works as a headboard giving the right amount of support to rest my sleeping pillows against it, or I can sit up comfortably using my armchair pillow for reading. I don’t care about the pockets for remotes, etc., so let those hang as they will. Now I have a nice headboard that I can rest against comfortably, and the bottom of it covers that foam topper gap completely, so neither I nor my pillows fall into the gap in the middle of the night,” they said.

The pillow is so impressive that it has customers asking where “it’s been their whole lives.” A final shopper wrote, “For years, we struggled to keep our pillows from sliding down into the space between our mattress and headboard. It seemed that we’d constantly need to grab our pillow(s) and yank them out of the crevice, and put them back on the bed. Then within a day or two, we’d have to do it again.” They added, “If you’re frustrated by having to constantly extract your pillow(s) from the crack between your mattress and headboard or wall, then this bed wedge is for you.”

Hurry and add the Vekkia Bed Wedge Pillow Gap Filler to your cart. Now that the news is out, it’s selling fast!

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