Shoppers Are “Shocked” by How This $10 Anti-Aging Moisturizer Makes Wrinkles Look "Blurred"

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One calls it “the door to Narnia.”

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Amazon / InStyle

As far as line-fighting skincare ingredients go, retinol makes most dermatologists’ shortlists. The vitamin A-derivative reduces the appearance of wrinkles, promotes collagen production, and even improves acne symptoms. Naturally, many skincare products contain the anti-aging powerhouse, albeit at various potencies, concentrations, and forms. The Eclat Midnight Miracle Retinol Night Cream contains a solid dose of encapsulated retinol, along with a host of additional youth-preserving skincare ingredients. What’s more, this mighty moisturizer is on sale for a mere $10 at Amazon.





The Eclat Midnight Miracle Retinol Night Cream is a line-fading, wrinkle-plumping nighttime moisturizer. Designed for all skin types, the formula improves skin smoothness, firmness, and elasticity in weeks, sans sensitizing skin (as many retinol products do).

Arguably the most effective anti-ager known to skincare, dermatologist Tiffany J. Libby, M.D., previously told InStyle that retinol poses “benefits like increasing skin cell turnover and stimulating collagen production” — in turn, improving skin firmness and smoothness to impart an overall more youthful complexion. The Eclat moisturizer contains 2.5 percent pure encapsulated retinol; per the brand, this form and percentage of the anti-aging ingredient is more easily absorbed and more effective, than retinyl esters — a less potent form of the vitamin A derivative often found in OTC retinol formulas.

Adding to its anti-aging power, this moisturizer contains vitamin C and vitamin E — which, while being excellent anti-agers in their own right, are potentially even more powerful as a pair. Specifically, some studies have shown they can bolster UV-protective effects — which, given that sun exposure is responsible for up to 90 percent of visible skin aging, bodes extremely well.

Hyaluronic acid is also present in the Elact moisturizer formula, as is aloe vera. Both are known to intensely hydrate skin, and can therefore plump the appearance of fine lines on contact, making them ideal from both a skin-smoothing and -soothing standpoint. Given retinol’s potentially sensitizing effects, aloe is also an excellent calming addition to the formula.

One shopper who has “dry, sensitive skin,” reports “no issues” with irritation after using the cream for five months. One thing they do notice: Their skin t “feels smooth.” Another shopper with “mature skin,” says they were “shocked” by the moisturizer’s effectiveness, particularly in light of its low price point. Their skin felt “baby-soft, immediately,” they add, dubbing it “the door to Narnia” and noting how it enhances their subsequent makeup application. Yet another fan of the moisturizer says it has “diminished” the “age spots and wrinkles” they’d accrued over 10 years of tanning “in less than two months.”  Finally, another astounded shopper says they noticed a “visible difference” overnight. “Lines and wrinkles looked smoother and as if they were blurred somehow,” they share; “I'm shocked.”

For a potent anti-aging moisturizer at a truly exceptional value, shop the Eclat Anti-aging Retinol  while it’s on sale for $10 at Amazon. 

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