Shoppers Say This Retinol Serum Makes Skin ‘Fresher & More Youthful’ After Years of Sun Damage—& It’s 30% Off

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If you’re well into your 20s (and beyond), you’ve likely already incorporated retinol into your regimen. It’s one of the most prestigious anti-aging ingredients you can readily access without needing to speak with a dermatologist or wring out your wallet (though many would argue prescription-strength retinoids are worth the extra hassle). That said, if you’re one of the few that’s yet to dive into the world of retinol, No7 Beauty has plenty of serums worthy of a plunge. 

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The Advanced Retinol Complex Night Concentrate is by far one of its most popular offerings thanks to its triple threat ingredient list: retinol, peptides and Matrixyl 3000 bring at least 10 different benefits to the skin, per the brand. No7’s own retinol complex, which contains 0.3% pure retinol, 1% retinol optimizer for deeper delivery and .2% retinol soother for minimized irritation, sheds the skin’s surface for a smoother, younger-looking appearance. 

No7 Beauty.
No7 Beauty.

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As with any potent ingredient, your skin deserves a slow introduction to avoid unwanted side effects. No7 advises gradually building up frequency of applications to allow your complexion to adjust to the serum’s potency (especially if you are brand new to retinol). While the warning is necessary, your chances of reaping benefits without irritation are supposedly high, per reviewers. Many have raved about the serum’s “impressive” results that were not accompanied by dryness and flaking.

“This is my first dive into retinol products but this one has made it easy,” raved one person. “I’m starting on schedule, as recommended, and this one has not been harsh at all. But, I can tell my skin is loving it already as a part of my new routine.”

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Another confirmed that the product is able to reverse signs of damage, no matter how late you stumble upon it. “I have used other retinol products before from some high end brands but none gave me the results that this No7 product has.  I am only halfway through my first tube and already my skin looks and feels better,” they raved. “Living in California all my life, I have had a good deal of sun exposure but this product has really helped to make my skin to look fresher and more youthful.”

Make sure to snag a bottle while No7’s entire site is 30 percent off for a limited time.

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