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If you’re looking for the secret ingredient to making your hair grow longer and stronger, it may simply be a combination of rice water, rosemary oil and castor oil. According to Medical News Today, women in China and Japan have long relied on rice water for halting hair loss and keeping gray hairs at bay. While you could seemingly make your own at home—rice water is the starchy water left over after rinsing rice—certain shoppable hair growth formulas take the effort out of your hands for achieving striking benefits. 

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The Psalmonica Rice Water for Hair Growth—which happens to be 43 percent off at Amazon—contains a blend of rice water, rosemary oil (another tried-and-true hair growth ingredient), castor oil and caffeine, all of which are readily used in hair care treatments for a multitude of reasons.


Psalmonica Rice Water for Hair Growth

Psalmonica Rice Water for Hair Growth

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While there is no clinically evidence to support the following, Healthline reports that “While the average human hair follicle grows just over a centimeter a month, some claim anecdotally that using castor oil once a month can spur growth three to five times the normal rate.”

Some may see similar benefits from using rosemary oil, too. As Dr. Brian Abittan, Director of Skin and Hair Rejuvenation and Director of Hair Transplantation at Mount Sinai Health System, previously told StyleCaster, “While certainly more trials and data are needed, rosemary oil does seemingly have potential to help with hair growth.”

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The ingredients quickly address scalp issues, which may stem from a lack of nutrition or recurring damage, with every spray. The formula strengthens hair follicles at the roots and hydrates existing strands for a soft, silky touch. If you want to “solve your losing, thinning, flat or damaged hair woes, restore your hair’s full look and avoid the risk of future damage,” the brand says this formula can help.

And Amazon reviewers who’ve tried the product do believe in its claims—”I was having a lot of breakage and losing a lot of hair. This product has really helped with that! No more shedding handfuls of hair since using it. Hair soft and shiny now! Bonus: It smells really good and clean,” wrote one shopper.

Another reported, “This product smells and feels so nice. I can use it after my wash or anytime during the day and it won’t feel greasy once it’s dry. I noticed my hair stopped falling out and I had a lot less breakage. Will definitely use it for a long time.”

The Psalmonica Rice Water for Hair Growth is available for $16 at Amazon with the use of an on-page coupon.

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