Shoppers Are Racing to Costco for Its 730-Piece Disney 'Stitch' LEGO Set

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It’s pretty safe to say that Stitch from Disney’s Lilo & Stitch wouldn’t be the best house guest. However, you can skip all the chaos a real-life Stitch would create by just bringing a LEGO version of Stitch in. Luckily, Costco currently has the new LEGO Disney Stitch set for a bit of a discount.

LEGO recently unveiled a new Stitch LEGO set that includes 730 pieces to create a cute Stitch figure in a Hawaiian shirt. Once finished, the LEGO build of Stitch is over 8 inches tall and comes with an ice cream cone for him to enjoy and a hibiscus flower for Stitch to wear above his ear. It’s vacation mode Stitch! 

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LEGO Disney Stitch, $52.99 at Costco, $64.99 at LEGO and Target

Shop it at LEGO
Shop it at LEGO
Shop it at Target
Shop it at Target

There are also moving parts on this buildable Stitch model. Once LEGO Stitch is finished, his ears can move up and down, his head can turn and his hand can hold the ice cream cone. This set is made for LEGO builders 9 years old and up and is meant to teach “life skills through fun.”

Currently, the LEGO Disney Stitch set is available on LEGO’s site—and it ships out by March 23—and Target’s website for $64.99. But if you want it for a little over $10 off, head to your local Costco.

Popular shopping Instagram account, @costcobuys, posted about the fun Costco find on March 6 and it showed that the Stitch LEGO build cost $52.99. It’s the same 730-piece set, just slightly cheaper. 

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Granted you can’t check Costco’s price online unless you’re a member and logged in, but it does promise to deliver 3-5 business days from the time of purchase. Target already has some sets in stores, or you can order it for shipment as well. 

If you’re in the market for a cute Stitch LEGO figure, you can head to your local Costco for that $11 discount. But if you don’t have a Costco membership, Target and LEGO have your back. And just in case, keep an eye on your left shoe when you bring Stitch home.

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