Shoppers love this $25 ultra cooling sheet set

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A set of white cooling sheets on a bed.
These sheets will keep you cool and comfy during the depths of summer. (Source: Amazon)

Summer has its ups and downs. The warm weather is beautiful, good for our health and good for the plants, but terrible for those of us who sweat buckets anytime the temperature bumps up a few degrees. Luckily, these sheets are breathable, soft and super cooling. They’re a great choice for those of us who want to dodge the sweltering nights to come.

Don’t just take our word for it, check out why this Amazon shopper gave these sheets a 5-star review and said, “I don't think I'll be buying any other sheets.”

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Stay cool and dry while you sleep this summer

A set of white cooling sheets atop a mattress, with a color scale beneath.
Embrace comfort with these cozy cooling sheets. (Source: Amazon)

$23.85 $32.99 at Amazon

These queen-size bed sheets are the perfect game changer for any sweaty sleeper. They come in 8 colors that will go with any aesthetic, so you can be sure these sheets will fit any bedroom. Their durability is an added bonus that’ll give you years of restful nights.

With a thread count of 1,800, these sheets are soft, breathable and comfortable all at once. They’ll also come in handy during the winter months, offering just the right amount of warmth and protection from the chill.

This product is made to suit any mattress. The elasticity of the material allows them to fit snugly over any bed. Additionally, since they’re deep pocket sheets, you won’t have to constantly fix them every time you get up.

Usually, this set of bedsheets is priced at $32.99, but right now you can get them for $23.85. That’s 28% off! Throw in the online coupon available at checkout and you’ll be saving nearly 38% off the total price. Jump on this deal now before it flutters away.