Shoppers Are Ditching Their $200 Hiking Boots for This REI Pair That’s Now on Sale for Just $42

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REI stocks great outdoor brands like Patagonia and Salomon, but savvy Co-op shoppers know that REI’s house brand is one of the best options in terms of value. Outdoor gear can be expensive, which is why REI’s affordable in-house labels shouldn’t be overlooked when it comes to items like tents and jackets — and they’re even better when they’re on sale.

You may notice that a lot of gear on sale at REI right now says it’s “discontinued,” but don’t let that raise alarm bells. It simply means that a certain color or style is likely to be replaced with an updated design, and REI is clearing shelf space for newer gear. What that also means is that some of the discounts are major, including as much as 70% off. That’s the case with REI’s Trailmade Waterproof Hiking Boots, which are a whopping $98 off.

REI Co-op Trailmade Waterproof Hiking Boots, $42 (was $140) at REI


The boots have a sneaker-boot-like design, making them a good option for guys who prefer a lighter, everyday shoe to a bulky boot. Three earthy colorways are all still in stock, including Whitecap Gray/Electric Blue, Olive/Tortoiseshell, and Gray/Ochre. Most regular sizes are still available, but wide sizes are limited in all colors except Gray/Ochre.

The Trailmade boots have an over-the-ankle cut that keeps feet and ankles protected while out on a hike, and the upper is made from a mix of synthetic leather and woven ripstop fabric. The waterproof, breathable membrane means you can trudge through puddles with ease.

REI also prioritized sustainability when designing these boots. The uppers are made from 80% recycled materials and 100% recycled synthetic leather. The lining, midsole, and outsole are also made using recycled materials too.

Shoppers compared the shoes favorably to much more expensive brands, including one shopper who picked REI over Danner (which are around $200), another who liked the boots more than Lowa (which hover around $250), and another who said they were “a notch above” their favorite Oboz shoes (which run around $200). Multiple shoppers mentioned the roomy toe box as a selling point, and also mentioned the shoes’ arch support, with many citing it as a plus but some mentioning that it was too supportive. In that case, the boots are likely best suited for hikers who prefer more support.

Overall, shoppers cited the shoes as a comfortable everyday option, with one writing that the boots are “stylish and comfortable enough for trail hikes and daily walking,” and another who wrote that they “climbed the mountains in Colorado Springs and my feet felt so unbelievably comfortable.”

It’s rare to see waterproof hiking boots on sale for just $42, so even if you have a pair of hiking boots you like, it’s worth picking up REI’s Trailmade boots. They might just become your new favorites.