The Flancci AirTag Wallet Is Only $11 on Amazon Right Now

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Modern cell phones have taken away most of the George Costanza-sized bulk from men's wallets, leaving many in search of a minimalist solution for carrying around some cash and the cards that matter most. Some have found their way over to The Ridge, a brand known for crafting slim, military-grade metal wallets that are said to be nearly indestructible. Guys love them, but they're not cheap, with most in the range of $76 to $125. But recently, another metal wallet on Amazon has caught the eye of shoppers—and it's less than a tenth of the price.

Right now, the Flancci Minimalist AirTag Wallet is on sale for just $11 after an on-page coupon—45% off the original $20 price. This minimalist wallet has earned nearly 300 five-star ratings from shoppers searching for a better money storage solution. It's currently available in five colors, including blue, red, and white. Black carbon fiber is also available but costs $6 more.

Flancci Minimalist AirTag Wallet in Red, $11 (was $20) on Amazon

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Like The Ridge, Flancci's wallets are made of metal dividers that use a combination of elastics and screws to sandwich credit cards into one secure, refined package. They also have a convenient money clip on one side of the wallet. Cards are easily accessed thanks to a notch that allows you to push them through toward the opposite side. It has a maximum capacity of 15 cards, and the brand even says it blocks RFID signals.

One of the main differences between this metal wallet and those from The Ridge is the integrated Apple AirTag slot. While The Ridge does offer AirTag attachments for its wallets' elastic bands, it's a separate cost on top of the expensive wallet. With Flancci's design, you can have both in one.

Flancci Minimalist AirTag Wallet in Carbon Fiber, $17 (was $26) on Amazon

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Those who have found this Flancci metal wallet say they're thrilled with the price but are even happier with its shape, weight, and style. On Amazon, one reviewer a with verified purchase called it "ultra slim, lightweight," while touting the unique AirTag mount. However they also noted the limited design options compared to Ridge wallets. Another shopper described the easy AirTag installation: "Took 5 top screws out and slipped the AirTag in and screwed them back in. Quick and easy. I made sure to tighten rest of the screws to make sure they were tight but probably end up putting some Loctite on them for security."

While the hype around The Ridge products is real, shoppers say this superiorly more affordable metal wallet from Flancci is just as good. Now that it's on sale for just $11, it's worth a try to bring your current wallet situation into the modern era in a stylish, refined package.