A Shopper With Thin Hair Saw “Remarkable Thickness” After Using This Now-$6 Oil

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It’s a 45-percent-off early Black Friday deal.

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Amazon/ InStyle

As someone who likes $64 hair growth treatments and $32 shampoos, I need to find budget buys where I can. Amazon’s Black Friday sale is already underway and I have spent literal hours combing through the thousands of products and at 45 percent off, Ogx’s Renewing Argan Penetrating Hair Oil is one of the best deals I’ve seen.

This argan hair oil is formulated for all hair types and has four objectives: To provide deep nourishment, strengthen, soften, and add shine to strands. Another happy bonus is that shoppers say it helps with growth and thickness, too.



Argan oil is commonly touted for its haircare benefits and for good reason. It’s rich in antioxidants (including vitamin E), amino acids, and linoleic acid. Antioxidants aren’t only great anti-aging ingredients for your face, but your hair, too. A 2021 study found that antioxidants improve the health of your scalp, reduce shedding, and increase fullness, even in thin hair. Another study found that amino acids (albeit taken orally) lessened the severity of hair loss in the trial participants. Lastly, oleic acid is an incredible booster in hair treatments because it helps make your scalp more receptive to other ingredients.

This particular cold-pressed argan oil is a hit according to the 8,000-plus shoppers who have given this a five-star rating. One reviewer bought this for their daughter whose hair “was so thin.” After using this they saw “remarkable thickness” in her hair. Another five-star reviewer added that they also noticed a difference in density, writing “I have thin fine hair and it gives my hair life.” One 55-year-old even said this has “helped” grow their hair to be “long and beautiful.”

In addition to its volumizing and thickening benefits, shoppers say it’s excellent for anyone with damaged hair. One fan said Ogx’s Argan Oil “saved” their “dyed and fried” hair.  Another shopper said it “tames” their hair, writing that their hair is “damaged from highlights but not too bad. Whenever my hair is looking a little too ‘wild,’ I'll rub a dime size amount in my hands and smooth it into my hair and my hair ends up looking nicer.”

Head to Amazon to shop the now-$6 Ogx Renewing Argan Penetrating Hair Oil.

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