Shop Lauren Eggertsen's Entire Wardrobe—Shoe Closet Included

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Who What Wear's editorial director, Lauren Eggertsen, understood the assignment when she moved from her shared New York City apartment into a one-bedroom apartment in Los Angeles complete with five closets.

No, that's not an exaggeration.

From an entire closet dedicated to shoes (we're manifesting that in our next apartment) to her epic collection of statement coats, Eggertsen's wardrobe is jam-packed with stylish staples that will last a lifetime.

Not only are we jealous of the fact that Eggertsen is able to dedicate an entire closet to sneakers, boots, and heels, but she's also divided up her wardrobe into thoughtful categories, making it easy to sort through. Sweatshirts and outwear live in one closet; dresses in another; separates in the third; shoes in the fourth; and her "New York life" long coats that she will never part with in the fifth.

Are you jealous of all the closet space yet?

Eggertsen's collection includes a stunning Bottega Veneta bag that she shed literal tears over when she purchased it. "It's just one of those iconic designer pieces that you invest in and you keep forever," she says.

Eggertsen cherishes her brand-new designer pieces, but she also loves to snag secondhand pieces, like a pair of '70s-inspired Prada pants that she got on The RealReal. "I wear them with just a white tank and my Converse and call it a day," she adds.

Oh, and Eggertsen doesn't just own any Converse—she owns two pairs that A$AP Rocky was even spotted wearing with flames on the sides.

There's no doubt about it: Eggertsen's wardrobe truly is fire.

Envious of Eggertsen's wardrobe? Shop some of our favorites below!

Sleeper Belle Linen Dress ($196)

No wardrobe is complete without a hint of cottagecore.

Drew House Sweatshirt ($170)

Eggertsen just might be Justin Bieber's number one fan with her collection of Drew House sweatshirts.

Susan Alexandra Merry Bag ($325)

Eggertsen really has known about Susan Alexandra bags since before they were famous.

With Jéan Hermana Dress in Viola Tricolour ($259)

We can tell why With Jéan is Eggertsen's go-to brand for dresses.

Converse '70s Hi Archive Print Flames ($120)

Don't ask Eggertsen how many pairs of Converse she owns…

Who What Wear Collection Cristina Spaghetti Strap Button-Front Dress ($159)

While Eggertsen's favorite white Who What Wear x Target dress is sold out, our easy-to-wear Who What Wear Collection linen dress fits the bill.

Maria Luca Anicia Sandals ($630)

Because all shoes need their own accessories.

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